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40-year-old Jin Dong married 41-year-old second wife, so 35-year-old Hu song envy

Entertainment 2018-01-19 21:08:53 241

Experienced 20 years, Jin Dong as an actor, has been praised by the audience. In this life show, Jin Dong is also considered a drama character. After years of hard work, he has achieved great success. He and his wife, Li Jia, are also an enviable pair. Li Jia is one of the 96 stars of Beiying. Li Jia shows the true nature of light and water. There is no trace of performance. Art is very good. One who can give the title of an old performer. After her career, Li Jia married a businessman who faded out of the entertainment business because her husband did not like her acting.

But Li Jia likes acting and has to give up in order to get married. Three years later, two people divorced. In 2010, Li Jia came back, her first partner, to become a real husband and wife and married in 2013. Jin Dong, in the entertainment industry, has created a lot of videos. His father is a businessman, Jin Dong is also a rich second generation. As the drama has evolved, it has become an acronym for pop stars.

When they both got married, they gave birth to a son and paid great attention to his feelings. After the marriage, he did not have sex scandal. Hu Ge even said: Jin Dong is a winner in life, his career and family are good. Do you like actor Jin Dong?