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Zhangbi Chen drying girlfriends photos, this net red face value explosion table, User: Zhang Bichen was robbed of the mirror

Other 2018-01-19 19:51:46 14

Zhang Bichen (Diamond), born September 10, 1989 in Tianjin, China female singer. In 2013, Zhang Bichen was selected to debut in South Korea's "Sunny days". In July 2014, he participated in the third season of "China Good Voice" as the first female champion of "China Good Voice," and then Chang Bichen's career continued smoothly. Major hit TV series theme song!

In life, Zhang Bichen is also very cute, people like, before the Selfie is cold and cool, and now Selfie has become more and more Fan, and it is more and more beautiful, Zhang Bichen drying out microblogging and girlfriends Selfie According to Zhang Bichen or still so beautiful, but girlfriends or not to lose star Fan Bichen, very on the mirror, and even, there are users that look like the net red face, the value of the color is very beautiful, completely grabbed the limelight it.

Indeed, girlfriends facial features looks very beautiful, two people take pictures very close, it seems really very good friends; Zhang Bichen has always been a very low-key work for people;

Who do you think they are more beautiful?