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With more than 40 million Players Night, Epic's other game was cool

Other 2018-01-19 19:49:50 158

Just a few days ago, Epic Games announced that "Fortnight" players exceeded 40 million, but the "Night of the Fort," the increasingly fiery contrast, the company's F2P MOBA "Paragon" It seems cool.

In a Reddit post, Unreal Herald Community Administrator Edgar Diaz gave a frank introduction to the game's progress and current status.

"We know that you have a lot of questions to ask about the future of Unreal." Diaz wrote, "We are very concerned about the player community and knowing that this is important to you, so I want to talk briefly. "

Diaz explained in his post that since Unreal became available in Steam Early Access in March last year, the development team continued to introduce updates focusing on expanding the player base. Many updates are welcomed by established players, "but there is not enough time for the game to appeal to mainstream users." Epic's problem is: "Only a small percentage of new players trying Unreal will continue to play in a month."

At the same time, the unprecedented success of "Night of the Fort" made the situation of "Unreal Cube" even more awkward. "We have to ask questions as to whether we can find a way for" Unreal Hegemony "to allow it to grow in the long term," Diaz said.

Due to limited time and resources, Diaz said that within Epic, many members of the Unreal Tournament team have turned to developing content for The Night of the Fort, "helping it continue to grow and become Epic's largest player by far works".

"In the coming weeks, we will evaluate whether we can drive the growth and success of" Unreal Hegemony. "Diaz said," We welcome your sharing of ideas and, like you, our team is passionate about "Unreal Hegemony." We also want to find a way to help it grow ... We are always keeping information transparent to the player community and that's where we are and if we have more, we'll share it with you. "