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"Dream of Westward Journey 4: Fu demon Kee" value of the prop up the whole movie

Entertainment 2018-01-19 18:47:22 45

"Dream of the West Journey 4: Fu demon" In this movie met a very beautiful actress, I feel the whole movie because of her brilliant.

Fan Rui in the "Dreams of the West 3 daughter country adventures in mind," played the daughter of the king, once again joined the Dream West tour series, and in the "Dream of the West 4 Volts demon" in the domineering exposed spider eldest sister, and the high value Almighty artist Bai Zi Xuan plays Tang monk shaped a pair of funny love story.

On the westbound road, the monk and Sun Wukong plead grudge and vindictiveness to bet on them. Therefore, they decided that the Monkey King should play a transitional shadow to exchange Dafa and exchange body.

From the Monkey King to visit the silk screen seven banshees

On the eve of the Spring Festival 2012, with a series of retro photo uploads in the Douban network began to be concerned about, known as the new generation of national goddess.

Of course, the most important Sanniang ah!