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Fan Shicheng debut immediately girlfriend was exposed girlfriend who is?

Entertainment 2018-01-19 17:05:13 148

Since Fan Chengcheng returned home, he received a lot of netizens' concern that he thought he would join the South Korean men's team debut. He did not expect to come back. Recently, he participated in the "idol trainee" competition, 100 boys elected 9 men's team, you can predict what will bring about a reign of terror, but many users are aware of Fan Chengcheng sister Fan Bingbing covered, so I do not feel Be eliminated. However, recently, there is no official debut Fan Shicheng was exposed girlfriend, how is this going?

Judging from the photos, the man wearing a mask on the left is exactly the same as Fan Chengcheng with a mask when he came back from South Korea's airport. All three photos are 100% similar to Fan Chengcheng. According to the description, the first one is his girlfriend's microblogging content, the lower left corner Fan Shicheng praise; the second is Fan ChengCheng point of praise when the home page, the third is Fan ChengCheng avatar album. And Fan Chengcheng's microblogging has been very clean, only a micro-Bo only, so can not judge is true or false.

According to broke the news people are two people up until now are not breaking up, New Year's Eve just 100 days. The girl was still on the INS photo, when asked whether she was her boyfriend, she also admitted yes. There are netizens said that this girlfriend is rich second generation net red, and Yao-Lai Senki good relationship between the United States, Fan Shicheng himself in the circle of friends has never been to admit his girlfriend. God, this "idol trainee" has not been broadcast on such a wonderful, do not know after exposure will be a tear to force the war?

"Idol Trainee" will create the first idol group in China that is the first cross-broker firm in China. The 100 trainees in the program, apart from eight individual trainees, the remaining 92 trainees from 31 brokerage companies, including the earliest in China Systematic training of Leroy Entertainment trainees, Wang Si-tsung's banana company's plan, "Kangxi is coming" production company Wildfire Entertainment and Huayi, Emperor and other well-known brokerage firms.

In addition, media reporters were surprised that the nationwide producer Zhang Yi-hsing was changed from "sheep" to "wolf", praising him for his professionalism and rigor. The music teacher Li Ronghao show in the program of senior humor is even more of a major bright spot, was named the first phase of the jokes, "the more severe the more handsome Zhang Yixing, the more serious the more funny the Li Ronghao, Unexpected, the show is aspect. "