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Thailand 60-year-old grandma is famous for dancing, and now with her 30-year-old boyfriend was questioned by friends

International 2018-01-19 17:23:49 5

Now 60-year-old Sitang became a net in Thailand, I heard that she dance extraordinary magic, so that many viewers can not be self-serving. Xiaobian want to ask whether these viewers are looking at their faces or not?

Although the grandma-like red net was 60 years old, her unusual hobby was dance. Netizens said that her daring face dazzled countless people in her dance. Her dress is also unusual tide, each time she sent her own photos online, all euphemisms caused by users.

Now, Sitang has a younger boy who is 30 years younger than himself. Although many netizens are questioning their feelings, Sitang claims that he and his boyfriend are in love with each other.

Some netizens said that Sitang and her boyfriend are like "Baiji demon caught a small fresh meat," the two basic emotional is not real, you feel it? (Pictures are collected, if there is infringement please contact delete, thank you!)