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Unexpectedly, CES 2018 has become "China Consumer Electronics Technology Exhibition"

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In 2018, many Chinese manufacturers appeared at CES. Among the 4500 exhibitors, 1551 enterprises came from China, accounting for more than 30%. In one case, one of the three booths belonged to Chinese manufacturers.

Someone joked that CES has become "China Consumer Electronics Show."

Today, we take a look at some of the impressive Chinese innovations at this year's China Consumer Electronics Show. </ strong>

Future Traffic: BAT Big Game </ strong>

Tesla's success has given the market a glimpse of the future of electric vehicles, and the development of artificial intelligence has made autonomous cars a reality. People believe that the vehicles of the future will be in the form of electric car + autopilot.

This year's CES show, Baidu CEO Lu Qi heavy launch of the "strongest version" of the autopilot Apollo 2.0 so far, and claimed that Apollo loading autopilot vehicles will be mass-produced by 2018, on the road.

Baidu is expected to be the world's first manufacturer of mass-produced and commercial autonomous vehicles with "China's speed" supported by the state's policy support for AI development. </ strong>

Starting from the perspective of IoT car, Ali set up a fund of 1 billion yuan to launch an electric car equipped with AliOS system in cooperation with SAIC.

AliOS systems now link the car with Alipay's entertainment and Alipay services, turning the car into a smart IoT device. But AliOS's ambition never stops here, with the ultimate goal of autonomous driving through the AliOS system.

In addition, Ali also "quietly" invested in Xiaopeng car, that is, the head of a pure electric car mounted 360-degree rotation of the camera, always take pictures, video, monitoring PM2.5 pollutant content of the company.

Tencent driving the layout of the field in order to invest in the main.

In addition to co-investment with Baidu Wei to the car, Tencent also owns a 5% stake in Tesla, CES is even more on the limelight this year, the boss of Proton car investors.

Bombardier car out of housekeeping skills, display concept car equipped with the world's largest production-type models in the shared experience screen (Shared Experience Display) and touch the steering wheel (Touch Wheel), to create first-class driving experience for the user. Bentley, the flagship super user experience, fast charging and battery life, is seen by the market as a potential competitor to Tesla.

Smart Home: Chinese manufacturers are using Mitac </ strong>

Intelligent voice assistant playing for the smart home front station, it is AI the most popular application scenarios, after a year of fermentation in 2018 CES show everywhere. Smart home as an entrance, television, refrigerators and other equipment can see intelligent voice assistant figure.

Alibaba ingenuity, CES show release IoT Connect wisdom network open link agreement.

Ali released IoT Connect hope that through a terminal command of all smart devices, both smart device developers to avoid racked their brains to set up the link port, but also allow consumers worry and effort, do not have to worry about the phone being squeezed burst.

However, Tencent focused on the ecological layout around the voice assistant. Jingle voice assistant positioned as artificial intelligence infrastructure, Tencent will be looking for partners, the jingle voice assistant to third party partners, to expand the Jingle voice assistant in the television, headphones, cars, wearable devices and other fields of application, help various types Consumer technology products to achieve "intelligent."

The combination of intelligent voice assistants and home appliances is also a complex science.

Haier brought smart home solutions with CES to bring the smart living scenarios we imagined to reality.

For example, Haier smart laundry system can choose the appropriate washing method and detergent according to the fabric of the clothes, the washing system is also connected with the online shopping mall, and can automatically order the supplementary detergent before the detergent runs out. For example, Haier Magic mirror, the user's sign data can be synchronized to the refrigerator, the refrigerator will recommend the recipes after receiving the data.

2018 is the first year of CES Newspaper's CES landing. It is released without reservation. ITF MORTEI microphones, smart car audio assistants, flying ding dong, intelligent speaker Ding Dong II and smart Translation machine, a lot of.

Smart Hardware: Huawei focuses on cell phones, millet-focused VR </ strong>

Just before the CES show, the U.S. mobile operator AT & T temporarily put Huawei pigeons and the customized version of the Huawei Mate 10 mobile phone that consumers are expecting from AT & T operators has become a bubble.

Partners breach of contract for Huawei to enter the United States cast a shadow cast on the road, but as the world's third-largest mobile phone maker, Huawei is still emboldened. In a keynote speech at CES, Huawei CEO made it clear that the US market will lose a good choice of smartphones. AT & T's breach is not only a loss for Huawei but also a loss for operators and consumers.

Huawei booth next to the CES still gathered a lot of viewers during the power-off period

Showing the Mi VR Standalone, a VR all-in-one product jointly developed with Oculus for the Chinese market. This product is basically the same as the Oculus Go device. Combining the millet VR content with the high-quality Oculus platform, users can go abroad Enjoy popular games and video content in the Oculus app store.

In addition, Qualcomm Qualcomm chips are used in the Mi VR Standalone equipment, which breaks the line between Oculus and Xiaomi VR content development. Oculus developers can easily migrate the content to Xiaomi VR platform.

In 2011, the first year of mobile Internet, only 400 Chinese enterprises appeared at CES. Most Chinese companies also stick to the original one-third of the acres, need more time to deal with the rapid changes in the world.

Seven years later, the number of Chinese companies at CES 2018 ballooned more than four fold. Whether it is the future of transport or smart home suddenly more than many Chinese enterprises, they hurried to catch the train bound for the AI ​​era.

As we cheer for "China Speed" and "China Consumer Electronics Show," we also need to clearly understand that Chinese enterprises are still on the road and they still have a long way to go. </ strong>