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Domineering cats compilation of Buddha, all appearances make people worship!

Pet 2018-01-19 11:32:52 11

Recently, a few pictures have been turned crazy on the day: a cat lying in the hands of Buddhist temples in the temple, be beloved beings, users can give the town to live!

Lying groove, cat master's background so powerful? ! Really can not afford to mess ah ~

This is a netizen captured in Tokyo, Japan Huguo Si stray cats, cats have long been aware of the island's high status, did not expect that it was so domineering!

Far looked like a Buddha care carefully guarding it, thousands of pet collections set in one, meow master eyes with a trace of disdain ......

Have to say, the masters of the charm is really big ah, easily under the command of Buddha, shovel feces and regiment expanded.

No wonder so many people like the cat master ah, directed at the world my biggest domineering and defiance of the Buddha's height, could not help but be covered with flour.

In this muddy world, can truly be alone, self, is how valuable!

Another wave of Buddha gather together cats, had fun:

Brain make up the Buddha side while talking about cats scene, haha ​​even no sense of violation!

Down with a number of censer also not afraid ...

Cat has become a fine ...

This is really domineering home!

After seeing Buddha inexplicable cute!