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tfboys imitation Zhang Yishan mountain than the heart to imitate a model

Entertainment 2018-01-19 09:52:01 17

Zhang Yishan in the "me a" in the interpretation of 7 heavy personality impressive, which plays when the star group Mo Xiaona "Hill heart" was once hot search. Today, Zhang Yishan attended the 2017 "Weibo Night" hosted by Beijing Water Cube. When he boarded the stage, he generously reproduced the "mountain-like heart," and the TFBOYS sitting on the stage also mocked it up.

Today, Zhang Yishan wearing a dark suit handsome appearance, with such a shape to reproduce the "mountain-style heart" is a set of actions do not have a flavor. Interestingly, to see his actions, the audience can not help but imitate the TFBOYS, Wang Junkai and Yi Yi Qian Xi is a model, and Wang Yuan is a half-beat slower, depends on the other talent line, but also Full of adorable

2017 microblogging night held at the Water Cube, stars shine debut, TFBOYS won the Weifang annual positive energy idol honor, why not witness honor. Later, TFBOYS uploaded a trio of happy videos from the trio after receiving the award via Weibo and added: "On this special day, we took a prize and we'll cheers!" In the video, three people are dressed Suit, holding the trophy, three people and friends say hello and very happy, three very cute only, but also lost a public netizen.

After the video exposure, netizens have onlookers and congratulations for the three small congratulations, leaving a message saying: "You've always been the most powerful!" "The fit itself is a happy thing!" "Something like a kind of hi, Congratulations!