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Feng Timothy Chen made the ultimate tearing! Feng: I am a sister have questions? Chen: Some people are very much!

Entertainment 2018-01-18 20:23:48 4

Both Chen Yifa and Feng Timo are outstanding anchors on the fighting fish, and both of them are all anchor fights, but they have always had the so-called struggle of a sister. Chen Yifa and Feng Timo have been there more than once Joking in the studio. Recently, the two of them started naughty again.

Because the annual ceremony of the fighting fish after the end, the anchor live broadcast at a low point, many anchor have no topic, so Chen Yifa and Feng Timothy once again in the live broadcast of the so-called one sister joking, Feng Timo joke that, I am a sister this question? Chen Yifa also said that some people are really over-ridden.

The two anchors have good private relations, and they say these words are "abrupt" hype. As a fan of fighting fish TV, Xiaobian that Chen Yifa and Feng Timo are fighting a sister-level anchors, so many years they do not care who is a sister this thing, but as a fan we have to do is look good Live.

This incident also reflects the great enthusiasm of Chen Yifa and Feng Timothy, fighting fish is like that, is good at making stars, fighting fish in 2018 will also make generous investment in star action, but from the live broadcast data, betta Is still the hottest live broadcast platform, as to leave a few big anchor, seems to have no effect on the fighting fish.