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Jacky Cheung family photos, his father is the king of wars, his wife looks with his wife, twin brother is too much like

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Many stars in the entertainment industry, many celebrities a little prestige began to engage in various kinds of sex scandal, to hype themselves, to enhance visibility, and some first-line coffee from the debut of the basic sex scandal insulated, this person is the song of Jacky Cheung.

Jacky Cheung's influence covers the global Chinese as well as Southeast Asia. In the 1990s, there was a popular Chinese saying that Teresa Teng's song was sung locally and that there was Mr. Jacky Cheung's music marathon in the local windy days.

Jacky Cheung in the four kings is the only so far did not let you and the sex scandal, it is very valuable, and is only the Spring Festival Evening did not attend the song of God, because these he does not demand, his strength is enough! From small to large like to listen to Jacky Cheung's songs, and Jacky Cheung in the hearts of fans who will always be the song.

Jacky Cheung's father was born in Tianjin, and later the whole family moved to Shanghai. In the late 1940s, the whole family relocated to Hong Kong again. As his fathers were all engaged in Fan Hai, Jacky's father became a sailor. Due to the monotonous sea, Jacky Cheung amateur Time immersed in dancing, and often participate in the competition, also known as the dance king. However, his father Zhang Zuoqi died in 2007.

Born in 1961, Jacky Cheung, when the family is not well-off, the whole family three generations living in a small house in Hong Kong, Jacky Cheung hour is very rape, which in the face of trouble with cousins, accidentally knife face Ministry, Jacky's mom immediately wrapped his face with a tablecloth, who knows the doctor forgot to play anesthetic needle in a hurry, pain he fainted on the spot this injury is a lifetime stay in his face.

After completing his studies at Chongwen English College in Hong Kong, Jacky Cheung worked for the Hong Kong Board of Trade and Industry. His three-year homework was boring. Every day he faced a heap of information. He persevered in 1984 with a friend's persuasion and relied on a song entitled "The Grace of the Earth" Many contestants emerge in the field, won the first 18 amateur singing contest champion. So it is also into the entertainment industry, in 1984 to participate in Polygram, the first album "smile" sales of up to 30 million, relying on "love is gone" "smile again Maria" and many other songs called Hongkong music hot singer.

In addition to singing, Jacky Cheong also made movies after he became famous. In the same year, he also met Luo Meiwei, who was married to Luo Meiwei on February 15, 1996 in the United Kingdom.

Luo Mei Wei was excavated by Wong Pak-ming and starred in "Happy Ghost on the Summer Vacations" and his debut, with the time of Luo Mingzhu, Yuan Jieying, Li Lizhen and other "happy girl group."

The time of Luo Mei Wei and Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau, Zhong Chuhong and said "Hong Kong has a way out of the female artist," but with Jacky Cheung married, they lost their careers, no regrets behind the title song woman.

Luo Meiwei married is more determined to opt out of the entertainment industry, husband and wife at home. Jacky Cheung Although self-deprecating person is not romantic, but he felt very careful, because he will remember the wedding anniversary. He laughed and said: "My wife will ask," In what year did we marry? "I said: 'That was 1996, when is it!'"

Two people have two daughters, the eldest daughter is Zhang Yaohua, and the youngest daughter is Zhang Yao Xuan. King Jacky Cheung is also a super good father, said her daughter is my father's last lover, I saw him. Usually a family of four travel, Jacky Cheung warm embrace the little daughter, eldest daughter and wife to follow this, and go out very simple, completely no shelves of the kings.

Now her eldest daughter, Zhang Yaohua, stands tall and looks long with her mother. She is 16 years old studying in a foreign country and has begun to fall in love.

Previously Zhang Jiahui broke the news to the media, he and Jacky Cheung are brothers, but the news caused a big storm in the entertainment circles across the Taiwan Strait, as Zhang Jiahui's "scandal brother" Jacky Cheung finally positive response: "In fact, I do not know, because my father Died, unable to prove to the father ah. "It seems that this brother does not allow two DNA test this affirmation must become the entertaining eternal mystery.

Both of them then admitted to being brothers, but half-brothers. Jacky Cheung has always been very doubtful why they are so like, but also go home to discuss the genealogy, but also said with a smile that there may be contact hundreds of years ago.

Although it is not a real brother, friendship is very good and hope that Jacky Cheung and Zhang Jiahui can bring more good works to the audience.

Netizens are so message:

User 1: Jacky Cheung and Zhang did not think Zhang looks like, really, except two big nose, in fact, I also alas. . . Haha

User 2: Hong Kong media said his daughter is a small Shu Qi, still quite like Xueyao Sao younger than her daughter pretty

User 3: Jacky Cheung is my favorite, other celebrities are not cold.

User 4: Zhang Zuochi and Zhang Zuolin, Jacky Cheung and Zhang Xueliang. Oh, family!

User 5: [cover their faces] was the cause of the delay of singing career actor, schoolmate acting really good!

User 6: When going to school like Jacky Cheung, twenty years later, still the same

User 7: This person is pragmatic, not hype, good character, singing no one can, the song deserved

User 8: joking, how serious, only one brother, a brother, a sister. China's surname with more than the same name yet.

User 9: Jacky Cheung Faye Wong Hong Kong music are good friends, even behind her approval, who without fault, Jacky Cheung personal interview memories of the cold stick to the concert, the tweeter is the audience for his fans sing, really touched.

User 10: daughter did not have a beautiful wife too! My wife is really pretty when young

User 11: Jacky Cheung's favorite song, but praised his man!

User 12: His concert will be close to me, I will go to listen to other people to open a concert to vote I do not want to go

User 13: Which is like her mother? The difference is far, Luo Mei Wei is the cherry mouth, Zhang Yaohua sausage mouth, looked down on the appetite [pull the nose]