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Need for the highest mountain Cat Mountain Wang durian really came

News 2018-01-18 14:46:19 6

Malaysians say their country has only three seasons a year, the dry season, the rainy season and the durian season. Every year to the durian season, a large number of durian fans will "fly" flocked to the Malaysian Labu, only for the best piece of goods on the "old cat."

On January 8, 2018, Madil (Xiamen) Import & Export Co., Ltd. launched the project of catching mountain cats and dogs Wang Wang durian in a crowdfunding platform in China and opened the domestic sales of cats and flesh king of cats in Malaysia in 2017 prelude. It is understood that all the crowdfunding projects in the cat mountain Wang Durian all from Pahang, Malaysia Raocheng high mountain.

What kind of cat mountain king is the highest mountain cat tree Wang durian

In many parts of Malaysia, there are cat mountain king, but only the Pahang mountain labor county produced the best quality cat mountain king, now Pahang has become synonymous with the origin of cat mountain king.

Cat mountain king is divided into the mountain durian peace durian, cat mountain king planted in the mountain slopes, the sun is sufficient, the air is good, the rain is enough, the rain will fall along with the terrain down will not be gathered in the roots, Durian pulp dry, dry skin folds of flesh, sweet, slightly bitter, mountain cat king to old trees.

The quality of the cat mountain king also depends on the age of the plant, cat mountain king takes 7-10 years to the results, the tree age needs 25-30 years old tree cat tree is the best. When eating durian you can pay attention to the texture of flesh, wrinkles, said the older the older, the better the taste.

How to regulate the import of mountains, the oldest tree cat mountain king </ strong>

At present, the import of Malaysian durian to China can only be done in the form of frozen pulp. It is illegal for the whole country to import fresh fruits. Most of the commercially available fresh fruits, such as cats and dogs, are dusted with seeds from Thailand and Vietnam. Frozen cat Shan Wang pulp quality page is uneven, the industry standard is not standardized, resulting in the majority of importers incomplete qualification documents, factories are not standardized, frozen technology is low.

For this purpose, Medile (Xiamen) Import & Export Co., Ltd. searched hundreds of durian pulp processing plants in Malaysia, eventually reaching agreement with the Federal Agricultural Sales Administration of Malaysia (FAMA). FAMA is a factory jointly approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of both China and Malaysia with export qualification and possesses Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate (GMP), HALAL (Halal) Certification and Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture Certificate of Authorization, while Madier is a subsidiary of China Quality Supervision Administration and Malaysia Health Ministry of the designated durian qualified importers.

At present, FAMA's plant in Malaysia has the only plant in Asia with a liquid-nitrogen cryogenic facility at -193 ° C to complete rapid freezing in five minutes. Cathay King, through its instant freezing treatment, Limit to ensure health and safety and taste perfect.

Chinese market in the near future to usher in fresh fruit cat mountain king? </ strong>

On November 25, 2017, foreign media reported that the Malaysian durian culture and tourism festival was held in Pahang, the state with the largest number of durians in Malaysia, attracting a large number of Chinese durian lovers.

Malaysian Agriculture Minister Hamid Sabriy Chik said the dust and pests on the durian have made it impossible for China to accept Malaysian whole-fruit products, but negotiations with the Chinese government may allow it to approve a one-year import of whole-fruit products, The Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture is directing fruit growers to use net bags and ropes to catch the 2 kilos of fruit before they fall to the ground, ensuring the quality of the durian.

Figure 1 Medal experiences the durian pulled down from the ropes

Figure 2 Medir company durian filming in the net pocket

It is understood that the Mediaeval interview in Malaysia to the Ministry of Agriculture Deputy Minister MOHD ANIS said that the formal exporter must have the GAP certification orchards, processing plants GMP certification, and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine licenses. It must be approved by all relevant government departments before exporting to China, all to ensure high quality durians to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. The Vice Minister of Agriculture also mentioned that there are RM70 million in durians exported to China in 2017 and the target of 2018 is to exceed RM100 million.

Figure 3 Malaysian Vice Minister of Agriculture Interviewed by Medir Corporation

Figure 4 Dato 'Mai cooperates with Medir

Buy Cat Mountain King through regular, premium channels </ strong>

In the introduction of foreign food in China there is a huge hidden dangers, safety inspection and quarantine is very important, I believe that the choice of some formally qualified importers to buy foreign food is necessary, compared to smuggling, shoddy, safety certificate is not in place Kind of situation, maybe cheap, but there is a huge security risk.