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The skin is always dry, teaches you how to recharge a few coup

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Faced with good skin, we have an adjective "blow shells can be broken", since such a blow will "break" the skin, encountered the winter cold how can better? Winter is one of the most volatile season of water in a year, the skin must be "warm" into the winter. However, using the usual way of replenishment, often ineffective. So many women's skin is not blown dry, that is, allergic redness.

There are three major causes of skin allergies in winter 1, the reasons for the individual physique What is the relationship between allergies and skin? That is because people of different constitutions, the sensitivity of the skin to the outside world is not the same. For people with sensitive constitution, as long as the touch can make her sensitive things will appear symptoms, coupled with winter people's physique will generally be a little weaker, the skin's moisture is not enough, the secretion of oil is not so strong, The skin's ability to protect is also relatively reduced.

2, do not pay attention to skin care Many people because of the cold, on the face, skin care is also a hasty knot, which makes their own lack of water to fill the water in time, it will be due to lack of water and peeling, peeling skin more than before The fragility, there will be itching, redness symptoms. Still others may have used unqualified cosmetics or skin care products that are not suitable for their own skin allergies.

3, the temperature does not adapt to the winter temperature changes in the day are particularly large, noon out of the sun can be a little warm to the sun when the mountains began to come down, and the skin is the first to feel it all, if repeatedly Different degree of hot and cold stimulation, allergy is inevitable. So winter must pay attention to skin warmth, reduce irritation.

How to change the winter skin moisturizing 1, clean is the key to replenishment Before replenishment, cleaning or need to be very careful, otherwise it will not clean the skin in place, clogged pores, moisture and nutrition can not enter the skin cells, resulting in skin due to lack of water And dry. Dust and contaminants in the air can cause dust and dirt on the skin, as the oils and fats secreted by the skin are lipids, while the makeup remover milk absorbs the grease and dirt and dust on the skin surface. Finally, use a cleanser to do a full face cleaning, even if the completion of the cleaning of the skin.

2, winter sunscreen Some people think that winter sunshine is very soft, so do not have the skin sunscreen, which is a big mistake, sunscreen is mainly to prevent the long face spots and light aging, even the winter sun , UV is still very strong, but your sunscreen can choose a little smaller than the summer sun protection index, and coated with sunscreen can prevent computers, cell phones, televisions and other skin radiation problems.

3, strengthen moisturizing dry sensitive muscle should pay special attention to moisturizing. People with this type of skin will feel skin moisture, dryness more easily than most people and are prone to sensitive symptoms. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen moisturizing in daily care. In addition to the use of moisturizing ingredients containing lotion, skin care products Department, in the seasons, but also need to be careful to replace the basic skin care products are not applicable.

4, a healthy lifestyle winter if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables enough, it may cause inadequate intake of vitamins. Dry skin to supplement vitamin A, moderate consumption of some meat, to add calories. Exercise can promote blood circulation, improve skin metabolism. Frequently massage the facial skin can increase sebum secretion, reduce the formation of facial wrinkles. Lack of sleep can easily lead to oily skin, lack of water, so should keep adequate sleep.