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Huang Minghao why Jiafu Gui justin family as Yin due to many gold circles numerous

Entertainment 2018-01-18 10:42:14 33

IK Fai's "Idol Trainee" exposes 100 contestants from different brokerages or other places, each with unique skills, singing and dancing talents and ultimately leaving more than 100 people 9 people, combined into a team debut, we can see the competition system is very cruel.

But one of the most popular of these, none other than Huang Minghao, currently ranks among the "idol trainees" in his popularity ranking of up to 800,000 (search index and topic order), is completely rolling the existence of other players.

Coupled with Huang Minghao has participated in South Korea's variety show "Produce101" already full of topics, once in South Korea caused the discussion of the trend, such as "gold" "rich young master" and other topics. Can be seen rich and generous family background, then Huang Minghao in the end how rich?

Huang Minghao spread the Internet at home is a hotel company, presumably already a very large chain, right?

The figure below is the discussion and evaluation of Hou Minghao in "Produce101" by Korean netizens. Their name brand shocked them.

This time, I know Hou Minghao why Jiafu expensive, right? So much gold, as well as Yan value talent, how can we not attract people? Do not know Hou Minghao in the end because more gold circle powder, or because of Yan value? Oh, Xiaobian feel it, after all, money is also a charm.

Although "Produce101" was eliminated, but there are still many fans who know him, want to support him. South Korea's demand for artists is not generally strict, and it is also quite normal for the draft to be tougher, younger and less experienced. However, this time back to participate in "idol trainee" is determined to win.

Hou Minghao from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, rich family. He was born in 2002 after the standard zero, he is really rich second generation, but its strength should not be underestimated. And the high popularity of this time, but also experienced the experience of trainees, as well as stage experience. In "idol trainees" is likely to fight to the end. It can be said that winning is in the grip.

Some people say Hou Minghao looks like Lu Han, in fact, it is just something like a mold. As long as you look closely at his face, you will find that his length is a bit like the previous martial arts men, all belong to the kind of seemingly soft recruit Like face, no offensive.

This face is very recognizable, if you look at a crowd, you will be the first to remember him.

Currently in the variety "idol trainees" in his popularity is still the highest, and has twice participated in the brutal draft of his experience, will certainly make some break in the world.