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Fan Chengcheng red, Wang Yuan stepping stone! Fan Bingbing to seize 00 after the four small niche position

Entertainment 2018-01-18 10:40:52 40

IKG Arts to create the idol group competition to develop a reality show "idol trainee" will be officially launched this Friday night, yesterday evening officially released the program theme song "Ei Ei" in the theme song MV, Cai Xu Kun play The theme song of the C-bit, Fan Bingbing's younger brother Fan Chengcheng D stand.

This station is also no problem, Cai Xu Kun had participated in "Star Motion Asia" lens, performance and visibility are not lower than Fan Chengcheng, C station is not wrong. Just read the MV after some users expressed doubt that Fan Cheng Cheng did not even stand C-bit, followed by the draft is Fan Chengcheng practitioners theme song did not even stand C-bit, this topic is hot up.

From these hot discussions can also be seen Fan Chengcheng indeed red, the C-bit he will not stand will lead to the concern of users, do not stand is not even stand, stood back by the tree good shade, we can see Fan Bingbing brother Way lead indeed successful.

In the heat of Korea is not high, after returning as the topic of the queen Fan Bingbing's brother, Fan Cheng-cheng's heat is no less popular than those little red meat, a What are the hot search. Just take a picture of the airport can be hot, open a microblogging first concern Fan Bingbing sister is also hot on the first heat over the Jiang Ge case. And concerned about the sister and brother-in-law did not get back to customs is also a hot topic, but how my sister will be left out of my brother, the next day took her boyfriend introduced to the audience Fan Chengcheng, Hello everyone This is my brother Fan Chengcheng, also called for a lot of care.

Although before Fan Bingbing public position will not do too much for Fan Chengcheng will not pave the way for him, let him go by his own ability. However, if you rely on his own visit to South Korea alone is not a red, suddenly returned suddenly increased popularity suddenly red, it is too difficult to convince the audience, if this is really a bit awkward to red, to Know so many stars in the entertainment industry, really rely on the ability of a number of big deal.

Back to Fan Bingbing not paving the way up the topic, up to the total successor, or not so much resources is not wasteful, and even think of Fan Bingbing Wang source this year, but also through the Li Chen sent Wang Yuan Into the runner, you want to know runner as a trump card variety of heat, before Yang Ying in order to run the men but did not even make the month, so it seems Fan Bingbing can make every effort to bring the king of the source. Wang Yuan is so dedicated, as his brother Fan Chengcheng will let him break through, those official words just fine.

In fact, Fan Bingbing early paving the way for Fan Cheng-cheng, before she clarified for the Wang that the micro-cosmetic, then there is a voice that is to pave the way for the clarification of cosmetic Cheng Cheng Cheng, this argument is justified, after all, It is really a bit big for a trip back to South Korea. And according to insiders revealed that Fan Bingbing in order to pave the way for a younger brother to go "idol trainees" sits, but also for the younger brother to seize a position after the 00 four sisters, for my brother is also considered well-intentioned.

All roads lead to Rome, but some people live in Rome. There is one such sister who will not have to worry about future developments. But you want to develop a higher farther still have to see yourself, but for now, Fan Chengcheng is still very red potential, and look forward to him as the next burst of red goddess.