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Yang Yang talk about Zheng Shuang look distressed, User: look inside the story

Entertainment 2018-01-17 16:00:17 137

Speaking of Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, last year's "slight smile is Allure", but they numerous but ah. At that time, "Allure Couple" can be said to be very sweet screen CP, Yang Yang's gentle and considerate, overbearing affectionately captured a large audience, but also by the book fans praised the perfect restore the novel Chennai. In fact, Yang Yang is not only in the play on the love of Zheng Shuang Plus, play is also turned over the sweet melon eat it.

Yang Yang said in an interview that she was "pico" very distressed when Zheng Shuang, saying Zheng Shuang heavy workload, I hope she can rest more

However, Yang Yang's words can be seen in the studio he is still very concerned about Zheng Shuang. Haha, not only that, usually Yang Yang Zheng Shuang look is pretty drowsiness

I remember one time when filming, two people like children, fooling around, laughing is simply sweeter than honey

Yang Yang see Zheng Shuang's eyes and facial expressions, to determine whether the expression of a girlfriend it? Haha ~