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Urad prairie sunrise and sunset are so beautiful mess!

Tourism 2017-12-02 13:23:32 233

Travel to Wulatehouqi, in addition to riding horses, milk tea, drinking wine, listening to love songs, there is an eye-opener opportunity is to see the sunrise and sunset prairie.

People who stay in the city for a long time do not have the chance to see the sunrise and sunset because the row of tall buildings have long shaded the sun and become fragmented. As a result, people Taishan view sunrise, Pro East China Sea sunset, praise and immersion in this strange scenery. However, few people think of the sunrise and sunset on the Urad Prairie. What a view?

Urat prairie sunset, the same grassland heroic brilliant. Sky sunset, in the endless magnificent grassland, released 10,000 golden glow, as the hero shoots the golden arrow, filled with the heroic lottery heroic pride. Some people say that the sunset over the prairie is more brilliant and brilliant than the sunrise over the prairie.

View of the sunrise and sunset Wula prairie, you will realize a full of strong masculinity magnificent, a majestic atmosphere and magnanimous pride. It makes you open-minded, filled with vitality and hope.