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Jingdong and 15 global infant formula brands sign billions of purchases

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In the new longitude and latitude client January 16 today, Jingdong Supermarket and Wyeth, the United States and good child and other global infant formula milk powder brand signed a strategic procurement agreement in the next three years, Jingdong Supermarket will purchase from these 15 brands More than 100 billion yuan of infant formula.

It is understood that Jingdong supermarket will also be carried out with the above brand more in-depth strategic cooperation for the brand to develop more efficient sales plan and more accurate marketing plan.

Feng Yi, president of Jingdong Mall Consumer Products Division, said that with the escalation of consumption, users pay more attention to the quality of goods and services. In this context, enterprises can only obtain more high-quality and connotative products in order to gain more consumers in the market Trust, and become the market winner. In 2017, Jingdong Supermarket and one of the world's leading infant formula brands created one sales record after another. In the future, Jingdong will continue to cooperate more deeply with the most powerful brands and relying on the leading core technologies such as big data, technology and logistics to help the brands to achieve double promotion of brand value and sales volume, and will bring more high-quality products To China's baby, infant formula milk industry to create a new pattern. "

As the largest online and offline retail platform for infant formula milk powder in China in the past 2017, Jingdong Supermarket is not only the largest retailer in the global market, but also the brands of Wyeth, Danone, Nestle and Abbott in China The largest retailers in the market, including Wyeth, the United States Su Jia children, Danone and many other infant formula brand in Jingdong Supermarket annual sales have exceeded 1 billion yuan.

According to the analysis of the insiders, the target of 100 billion yuan for three years reflects the brand restructuring and joint construction of the infant formula industry structure through the innovative development model.

The first is to build a brand upgrade. In 2017, high-end, ultra-high-end and organic milk powder will become the new consumption trend in the mother-baby market, attracting more consumer attention. At the same time, consumers' increasing demand for product quality has prompted more and more infant formula milk powder brands to exert their power in the ultra-high-end series and devote a large amount of resources to the continuous pursuit of high-end and high-quality products.

Followed by the market size to build. The contract with the 15 Jingdong supermarket brand partners, basically covering the entire infant formula milk powder market, the key well-known brands. The number of brands of this scale and the procurement scale of 100 billion yuan for three years not only play a certain role in promoting the online infant formula market, but also the entire big maternal and infant market, and will further change the market pattern.

Finally, the consumer environment to build. Another feature of 2017 maternal and child consumables market is that as 85-90 mothers become the mainstay of the current mother and child market consumption, they are better at receiving all kinds of latest information, but also have better individualized purchasing needs, Its long-standing demand for high-quality goods is further reflected in the market consumption level. Jingdong supermarket will also provide consumers and brands with better shopping experience and product experience, to build a higher quality of the consumer environment.

The industry believes that three years 100 billion purchase of large orders for the infant formula industry and even for the infant industry, the release of an important signal: the future e-commerce platform will play more and more in the brand sales Important role, and the brand will also choose a higher market share of retail channels, the two sides in the cooperation mode, big data, marketing and other aspects of the enablement, mutual integration is not only the remodeling of the brand, but also to the entire Maternal and child industry brings a brand new unbounded pattern. (China News Jingwei APP)

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