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With "love and producer" but also what boyfriend? Can not think even crooked nuts are springy waves

News 2018-01-16 13:48:19 10

Xu ink, white, Li Zeyan, Zhou Qiluo, this should be the beginning of 2018 since the adolescent girls vote.

Last weekend, Li Zeyan birthday, there are fans for him wrapped in a building in Shenzhen mad call call should aid, all on the microblogging on the screen ...

Maybe some (older generation) would ask, which of these small groups of young girls, you little girl?

Indeed, these four are all small fresh meat, but are two yuan only ↓ ↓ ↓

"Love and producer," is a recent domestic fire woman to love game, many of the younger sister around the Century Jun have already fallen ... ...

Not only the sister of Shiju Jun, this game also attracted the attention of South China Morning Post ↓↓↓

"Chinese female players indulge in 'virtual boyfriend' game" love and producer "high-profile"

Even the foreign social forum Reddit in a public crooked fruit benevolent users also discussed opened ↓ ↓ ↓

"Love and producer" - China B female hand tour introduction "

(Note: "Otome" comes from Japan, referring to the young girl)

Surging news even said that many young Buddhists because of this game fate ↓↓↓

This is exactly what kind of a game ah ...

Fall in love with virtual little brother </ strong>

The story is this, the player will act as the heroine in the game. In order to save his father's imminent bankruptcy, the hostess needs to make a successful hit.

In the process of planning the production of programs, she met with four small brother of different personality, and gradually love ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Players need to make various choices during the game to trigger various events.

The female protagonist is a television producer who must save her father’s film studio from bankruptcy by reviving a hit show.

As she goes about her work, the central character comes into contact with various men, and for China’s growing legion of women gamers, that is where the fun starts.

In the game, each of the four masters has their own special (fans) special (Su) force (point), anyway, there are always a variety of routines can stalk your blood slot is empty.

And "South China Morning Post" also upstairs these few little brother blush affair sister words to meticulously translated into English, you feel free to ↓ ↓ ↓ (and Reddit users wrote for them ~)

Xu Mexico: gentle belly black super will tease scientists </ strong>

"Feelings will induce people into traps, and now ... you still have time to flee"

“Love lures people into a trap, you still have time to escape”

He is the only character in appearance who did not disclose the super-ability of people, but also the four men who are his favorite flirting. When first met the hostess, he seemed a bit harsh, severely criticized the program of the hostess. Nevertheless, he still agreed to attend the program as a guest to the hostess. Later, he often called the hostess came out dating, always give her a call.

His superpower is the only one not revealed, he's known to be the MOST flirtatious of the 4. He seemed a bit mean and serious in the beginning when MC (Master of ceremonies,意为主持人、司仪,此处意为主角)first meet him and he criticizes her show but still agrees to be her guest in the program. From there on, he just asks MC out on dates and calls her all the time.

White: Mastiff loyalist security seniors </ strong>

"I will not put you in danger, as long as you are in the wind, I will find you"

“I’ll never put you in danger. No matter where you are, I’ll find you.”

He has the superb ability to control the wind field - to control the wind and fly with the hostess ...

In fact, white female hostess high school seniors. The two were unfamiliar at that time, but there are many signs that they have always liked female origin over the years and have acquired supernatural power in high school. He was a bullshit boy in high school, but later became an "Evol SWAT." He seems to know a lot about Evol super ability and the situation of the hostess, but did not reveal half a point to the hostess. Seems to be old acquaintance with Li Zeyan.

Superpower- He controls wind, so basically he can take MC flying.

He is actually MC's senpai (日语:学长)from highschool and they weren't close back then but it's heavily hinted that he liked her all these years and that he had his power back in high school. He was seen as a yankee/delinquent in highschool but became "police". He seems to know a lot about Evol and MC's condition but hasn't told her anything yet. He seems to know Li Zeyan from past.

Li Zeyan: poison tongue proud dandy president </ strong>

"No matter the past or the future, I want your time only for me to stop"

“No matter in the past or the future, I want your time to stop only for me”

His ability to supervise is time-based, allowing time to rest and freezing everything (except for super powers).

Because Li Zeyan's company invested in a hostess, Li Zeyan was similar to a hostess's boss, although they worked for different companies. The hostess is trying to prove to Li Zeyan that her company is worth investing. The relationship between the two is not good, and the hostess is not afraid to say bad things behind him. As the coolest and richest man in the four big men, Li Zeyan often calls the hostess an idiot, but also helps the hostess to learn as well as the mentor. There are signs that he and the hostess are not from the same space-time or even the world, and the hostess has already died in front of him.

Superpower- Time Control, he can stop time and freeze everything but not those with special powers.

He is kind of like MC's boss even though they are in separate companies because his company also invested in MC's company. MC is trying to prove to him that her production company is worth investing in. MC and him don't get along and she's not afraid of talking bad about him behind him. The coldest and richest of the bunch, he calls MC stupid a lot but he also acts a little bit like a mentor to help MC learn and become better. It's hinted that he's not from the same time/or maybe even world as MC and that MC already died once in front of him.

Zhou Qiluo: sunshine eat cute little dog </ strong>

Super power - absolutely attractive, loved by everyone, no one hate him.

He met the hostess at a convenience store when he was planning to buy chips to collect American superhero cards. There are indications that he and the hostess had some time in the past. He is the most energetic and happiest man among the men and the die-hard powder of the super-power program created by the father-in-law.

Superpower - Absolute attraction where everybody likes him and nobody dislikes him

He meets MC at a convenient store when he was trying to buy chips to collect American super hero cards. It's heavily hinted that MC also have a past story with him as well. He is the most energetic/happy one and is also a fan of the superpower show that MC's dad created.

In addition to high rich handsome people's love collection, the netizens are also a series of plot kill the game in the game do not want to ↓ ↓ ↓

“He suddenly grabs my waist and pulls me to his chest. I closely lean onto his chest, and his body temperature is hot to a point where it’s melting me.”

Just read the introduction and netizens a little spoiler, Reddit inside a group of crooked Nuts have been unable to sit still, have Guiqiu official out of English ... ...


Wow that sounds super cool! Well, now there's another game I'm hoping I can play one day, haha. Plus the art looks great. The dudes are really handsome! </ p>

Wow that sounds Up super cool! Now I have another more game waiting for one day to play, haha. Saying this game painter looked great. The guys are really handsome! </ p>


Everything looks so cool, I can not wait to try it out! </ p>

Everything looks cool, I can not wait to try! </ p>


I hope the game will have English translation version and more and more western players will love Chinese games. </ p>

I hope this game can be in English version, more and more Western players will like China Game! </ p>

Then the question came, why such a "four men love me" Mary Su rout will be such a warm welcome by women at home and abroad, "South China Morning Post" launched the observation.

What hit your girl's heart? </ strong>

"South China Morning Post" believes that this girl to the love game fire, there are three main reasons.

1 Rise of female players </ strong>

While China’s gaming market had long been dominated by men – drawn by the abundance of “virtual girlfriend” apps – the popularity of Love and Producer, which is effectively a “virtual boyfriend” game, was indicative of a changing tide, said Xue Yongfeng, an industry analyst with Beijing-based consulting firm Analysys.

尽管中国游戏市场向来由男性主导 —— 看看大量的“虚拟女朋友”应用就知道了 —— “虚拟男朋友”游戏《恋与制作人》的大热体现了潮流正在发生变化,北京易观咨询公司行业分析师薛永锋表示。

“There has always been demand for games among women, but they tend to be more selective and less likely to become addicted to them,” he said.


2 Poke female points of interest </ strong>

Turian Tan, a market analyst at IDC China who specialises in online gaming, said the reason for the success of Love and Producer was that it tapped into women’s interests.

IDC中国在线游戏市场分析师Turian Tan认为,《恋与制作人》这款游戏的成功原因在于戳中了女性的兴趣点。

“Simulation and character development are popular themes [among women gamers], especially when a potential love story is added as the plot develops,” he said.


3 Talk about a cloud of love </ strong>

The game's die-hard powder, freshman textzhou (transliteration) said in an interview, this is no love for her men she wanted to talk about an ideal love ah ~

“The four male characters are different types targeting different women, so they are all loved, just by different people,” said Wen Zhou, a first-year university student and fan of the new game.


“I don’t have a boyfriend, so I’m happy to have a relationship with a ‘paper person’.”


It refers to a feature of "Love and Producers," whose developers call it "surreal love business" mobile games that allow players to "interact" with characters through mobile phones and social media applications.

Wen was referring to one of the main features of Love and Producer – described by its developer as a “superrealism relationship maintenance” game – which allows players to “interact” with the characters over the phone and via social media apps.

However, although all the girls in the game tease out tease, but in fact, "love and producer" in the arena there is another name - "money and wild man."

Because, although the game download is free, but many players said that the game does not krypton gold simply can not go ah: in order to trigger love plot, pumping cards, diamonds, everything should spend ...

According to "South China Morning Post" reported that in the game on December 13 on the line after the first week, its average daily income of up to 30 million.

While the game is free to download, the various add-ons available to buy have seen it rake in solid revenue for its producers. In the first week after its launch on December 13, the game was estimated to have made an average of 300,000 yuan (US$46,300) a day, mobile game platform 9game.cn quoted an unnamed industry insider as saying.

The diehard powder Man Zhou shoes also said that he himself, in order to upgrade, spent more than 100 dollars in the game to buy gold and jewelry. But according to her calculations, in order to pass the game, she spent about 16,000.

Wen said she had spent a little over 100 yuan on the game so far – on gold coins and jewels to advance through the levels – but calculated that she would have to fork out about 16,000 yuan if she wanted to get to the end.

So, although playing games can be used as a way to relax, relieve stress, Century King still have to remind everyone ↓↓↓

After all, if you want to take a single year out of a single dog, the most effective way is to go out and find your true love.

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