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Ono Xu mergers and acquisitions Silicon Valley block chain team won several millions of dollars to invest in Li

Technology 2018-01-16 11:38:46 12

"Choosing to start a business is a bit of a bite to eat and eat. Now resources are so scarce and business opportunities are fleeting. As a CEO, I have to make the most effective judgments in the shortest possible time to lead my team and products to success." Previously Xu, the founder and CEO of ono, leads her team and product - ONO, a blockbuster social app based on blockchain technology, addressing Li Xiaolai, China's richest man in Bitcoin for investors. The "ONO" also successfully get Li Xiaolai to create the capital of the coin (Inblockchain) millions of dollars in investment.

ONO founder and CEO Xu Ke (third from right) and investors

Recently, Xu announced that his company, Nuozhou Technology, has acquired the senior Silicon Valley blockchain team led by Jeff Ma. Interested parties will work together to accelerate the launch of the world's first ONO online pan-social app built on a decentralized value network. So that users can experience before April 2018 this entertainment based on LBS augmented reality technology to create a social application platform.

Xu Ke (first row) and R & D technical team

Ono colleagues discussed the work in the tea break

The Jeff Ma team, also acquired by Xu Ke, is also a big success, focusing on blockchain technology for years. And Jeff Ma himself has more than 10 years of management experience in the field of high technology, handling hundreds of millions of large-scale traffic projects. As early as 2011, when the various technology giants at home and abroad have not yet laid out the blockchain, Jeff Ma has spearheaded the core team in the Silicon Valley of the United States to study blockchain technology. He joined the early "fir.im" CTO and fir.im has served and distributed more than 20 million applications. He also served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for a number of listed companies, and helped start-up companies from 0 to 1 through listing. This time, for the team to be Xu "ONO" acquisition, Jeff Ma also easily said: because with Xu Ke common goals and entrepreneurial craftsmanship, so come together. At present, all levels of the market in the world are partitioning the piece of cake in the area of ​​block chains and can only speed up the highlighting of each other's value by joining forces.

Xu Ke (4th from left) discusses the work with the team

Xu and R & D technical team to discuss product progress

It is understood that "ONO" is a built-in blockchain technology and distributed storage technology to the center of pan-social app, the main user positioning for 95 or even after 00. ONO builds a more social platform for integrated content distribution globally. Products to build a unique style of virtual reality virtual world, for users to build a new relationship between people and the chain, creating a new type of real-time interactive social environment. Ono is hailed by many top tier investment agencies as a new generation of social revolutions and as the first all-in-one application to deeply address social needs after 95.00.

"ONO" team is in full swing to speed up product development on the line

For Ono, Xu's expectation is that ono "make social life more free, relax and feel free" in changing the existing social environment.