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The "Red Sea Operation" made all terrain version of the stills together to help launch Dragon Boat expedition

Military 2018-01-16 10:56:18 55

The Red Sea Campaign, an annual military operation titled by Lin Chau-hsien, today released a set of all-terrain combat stills and work photos that show the battle scenes filmed in different terrain: desert tank chase, city street breakout and sea rescue hostage action ... ... The film's blood temperament ready, not only let the audience feel the bulletproof presence, but also the Chinese naval special forces brave and fierce performance of the image most vividly.

For the first time, the "Red Sea Operation" of the Chinese navy special operations unit "dragon commandos" as the protagonist of the film, sea, air and land combat burst into ruins, a true interpretation of the "sea dragon, land tiger, air eagle, anti-terrorism Elite "! The film will be on February 16, 2018 New Year's Eve landing the national cinema, watch the real event of the Evacuation of the Navy!

Multiple vehicles show for the first time live ammunition to show the big army. </ strong>

Dante Lam: It took so many years to play and never thought it would be difficult. </ strong>

In pursuit of the real show, director Lin Chaoxian always uphold the "real gun, real shooting." The Red Sea Campaign, a foreign evacuees military blockbuster, includes a dazzling series of scenes. Lin Chaoxian not only the entire crew "air" to Morocco for 3 months, but also blocked the important streets of the local city, the layout of its real battlefield. Lin Chaoxian bluntly, in order to meet their own "metamorphosis", the filming difficulty is his greatest since the film: "In the face of an unfamiliar environment, different countries in the production with our domestic model is also different, to coordinate these Things are actually very laborious.

Plus, because I used a lot of the Moroccan military equipment this time, such as local military tanks and airplanes, there are a lot of restrictions when the military collaborates. This restriction has been taken for so many years and I have also Never thought of </ strong>. In addition, we also need to meet the needs of locals, because to mobilize so many tanks, aircraft, and even local military vehicles, soldiers, the whole need to form a new production system. The military has a dedicated tank transport point, Morocco is very large, maybe we usually have to drive 5 hours to get to. "

In this exposure of the stills, many former military enthusiasts and audiences enthusiastically talked about many of the true vehicles and equipment to be clearly displayed one by one in front of the audience, ready to go, domineering extraordinary. Actor Zhang Rui plays the captain Yang Rui, led his teammates nervously sneaked into the pirate ship, took the enemy only a moment; actor Huang Jingyu sniper Gu Shun, heavy fire sniper rifle frame in the collaborative partner shoulder Comrade Du Fu's trust and understanding are self-evident; actor Du Jiang, vice captain and detonator Xu Hong, plays a defensive role in the battle of the city center and organizes defenses in search of a breakthrough.

All Terrain Fighting Nightfall Jones defeat invincible </ strong>

Huang Jingyu: Explosion Sniper, Drag Racing Parachute, Sea & Air "Had a Military Addiction" </ strong>

As a subordinate battlefield soldier of the People's Liberation Army Marines, the dragon squad has been of concern for its strong solo personal qualities. The Red Sea Campaign, with the strong support of the People's Navy, first presented this brave and brave special operations team to the general public. Whether it is the task of the sea, or the desert encounter, street fighting in the streets, the film's dragon squad are able to calmly reach the mission. The skilled use of many kinds of weapons and vehicles and the concerted efforts of comrades in arms between the comrades made it possible for the dragon squad to be on the battlefield without any hassle and successfully complete the rescue mission so that the people will feel at ease and make their opponents fearless.

Starring Zhang Du and Du Jiang said that every scene of "Operation Red Sea" is a big scene: "It is really not easy to interpret this group of the most capable and brave Allied Special Forces in the Chinese Navy." Huang Jingyu then exposed the "Red Sea Campaign" Healed the horror high: "The scene shot in Morocco is very large, the scene has been helicopters, Humvees, tanks, there are many explosions every day.We also need to learn to open these military vehicles, motorcycles, tanks, helicopters, Warships and even parachuting at the sky, I can only say that after the "Red Sea Operation" was finished, all my heights were cured.

The "Red Sea Campaign" was directed by Dante Lam, starring Liang Fengying, Zhang Jing, Huang Jingyu, Hai Qing, Du Jiang, Jiang Lu Xia, Yin Xuan, Wang Yutian, Guo Jiahao and Mai Henry.