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Her husband accidentally lost his arms, helpless divorce, remarriage, I thank the ex-husband taught me to grow!

Emotional 2018-01-15 11:51:54 9

Hui and I are college classmates, Ah Fai looks generally like it, the mouth is still stupid, but it is an invisible rich second generation.

Ever since I was a child, I am naturally unwilling to live life in the lowest end of society, so when Hui told me to confess, I agreed without hesitation. I think if we get married, after marriage, I absolutely must worry about wearing a Lord!

Listen to Hui said that they are engaged in the whole family of the project, after graduation certainly work without worry. I also told him about the custom on our side that marriage must have 200,000 bridewealth, so I will not be drowned by the spit of the stars.

Ah Fai did not hesitate, saying that these two hundred thousand I will not be inferior to your home, as long as you are willing to marry me.

In this way, we got married, relatives say that I am a good life, married a good family, do not worry after eating.

Not long after marriage, I was pregnant. My husband told me to quit his job, reassurance at home fetus, what to eat to let my mother do to me, during which time I flies but small public outreach. After my parents learned that my face was also unique, I also said that I was married to someone and finally gave birth to a boy at home with the careful care of her mother-in-law and her husband.

Always thought good luck always patronized me, but when the child was three years old, my husband unexpectedly unexpected accident on the site. In the doctor's repeated efforts, or lost his arms, the family in order to cure her husband, but also all the savings at home are spent on her husband who is kneeling and begged me to divorce his son, but I really Can not stand, after a lifetime and a disabled person for a lifetime, eventually chose a divorce.

The only requirement of her mother-in-law is for me to leave my son to them. I think after marriage, they will not be too weak. After all, I am still young. I will certainly have my own son later.

After all, married all these years are all upscale cosmetics, natural maintenance is not bad, chasing after divorce, I actually have a lot of people, my heart thought, in the middle of looking for a good condition at home, will hurt the man .

Did not expect to really find one, in line with all my requirements. In this way, we got married, and after I got married, I realized that he was a wait-and-see winner who knew every day that he was happy with his friend Hupenggou and did not care for the feelings of his family.

After discussing with my husband-in-law, I feel that if we had our own children, we would have to take care of them, and maybe everything would be fine.

So holding the attitude of trying, did not expect really successful, and since having their own children, he gradually has to play, but also began to contact their own business.

But when my child is five years old, my family's business is going down, and we have to save on all costs. I feel this is the test God gave me, this time I must not give up, but when I met the ex-husband, I understand why.

It turned out that all this is a conspiracy of her ex-husband, because at his most difficult time, I left him, and now he came back again, to revenge me.

I am really happy for the decision I made. I also thank God for letting me see my ex-husband's man through this incident.