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In 2018 the strongest domestic 4 cars, Yan value spike joint venture, more than 90,000 sale!

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New car guide price: 8.99-13.89 million

In general, the strong sense of the advanced styling generally through the lower middle and lower allocation of features to guide consumers to buy full-featured high, but Rui Cheng CC configuration richness and grade beyond Xiaobian expected, for not Too pursuit of power, value for money home users, Rui Cheng CC is a very good choice. The whole system of functional configuration of the layout is more reasonable, entry configuration is not low, basically the whole system of security configuration difference is not great. Higher models are mainly in the degree of comfort, convenience and grade escalating, the price is not high, the bite can choose a more enjoyable version, not too low demand is also fully meet the daily needs.

MG 6

New car guide price: 9.68-13.28 million

The new MG 6 appearance has been impressive, and in the driving experience is also relatively good balance of comfort, only to make the rear passengers have a good ride to open the car market. Its control features mainly in the acceleration of speed, in the same level of acceleration among the best; at the same time the performance of the steering system is also worthy of recognition, the whole system with standard XDS and multi-link rear suspension are focused on sports configuration.

Compared with the same level Civic and Angkor Sa and other competing products, the new MG 6 outstanding performance in acceleration, suspension adjustment should be said that it is relatively balanced, only in the smoothness of the transmission and understanding of the driver's intentions As for the aspect, it is a bit lacking. It should be said that the progress of the MG 6 is obvious. In some areas, it has also reached the advanced level at the same level. The overall performance is not inferior to that of the joint venture vehicles at the same level.

Collar grams 03

Of course, the appearance of the collar grams 03 continues the style of the collar grams of the family, the front face shape recognition is very high, the use of split-type headlight design, located above the grille is a daytime driving lights, inspiration The source is the Arctic light, while the main headlamps group is connected with the grille grille, an increase of horizontal visual impact, the fog lamp with the front bumper together, the entire front face to create a simple but not Loss of feeling of the atmosphere.

The car equipped with 1.5T three-cylinder and 2.0T four-cylinder two turbocharged engine, the maximum power or respectively 179 horsepower and 190 horsepower, matching 6-speed manual or automatic and 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.

吉利博瑞 GT

The new Geely Borui GT car appearance is still based on the latest Geely family of design, and cash models are similar, only in the details of the adjustment. This car is still using a smooth slip-back style. Tail with a new style taillights, the middle of the headlights on both sides with chrome trim connection, this design has a high degree of recognition. Dimensions, the Geely Borui GT car length and width were 4986 mm, 1861 mm and 1513 mm, the wheelbase reached 2870 mm, compared with the cash model increased 20 mm wheelbase. Also make this car more spacious interior space.

It is reported that in the power section, Borui GT will be equipped with a 1.5T engine, the maximum output power of 180 horsepower, peak torque of 265 Nm, in addition to the car will also be introduced plug-in hybrid version. The official announcement of its fuel-based integrated fuel consumption 5.8L / 100km, plug-in hybrid version of the integrated fuel consumption was 1.5L / 100km.