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Chery factory encounter a large number of Chery EXEED TX, so handsome, Chery finally opened up

Car 2018-01-15 11:44:14 28

In recent years, domestic cars that have gained a firm foothold in the low-end market have gradually shifted their focus to high-end models. In 17 years, the Great Wall and Geely Preemptives launched two high-end brands, WEY and Xieke, which have achieved very good results so far. As another domestic car maker Chery also outdone, at the previous Frankfurt Motor Show, Chery gave us the first high-end models - Chery EXEED TX. Recently, small series in the local Chery factory found a large number of Chery EXEED TX, the car will be listed in the first half of this year, the estimated price will be 120,000.

From the exterior view, these vehicles are slightly rough, should be no camouflage road test. The most eye-catching new car should belong to this front face big mouth, the dragon-style front grille is very generous, the front looks like a "bloody mouth", there will be an opponent to eat the momentum. In addition to the huge front grille, Chery EXEED TX headlamps group is also very chic, headlamps group is using full LED light source, LED daytime running lights extend from both sides of the front to the middle, and until the middle of the Chery car standard meet. This through the car's LED daytime running lights lit when the force and recognition are very high.

From the side view, Chery EXEED TX gives the feeling of very full, strong lines make it a little hardcore feeling. The car rose windows and sunken roof, so that the car looks a little slippery feeling, very handsome. In addition, the new car is equipped with a 19-inch double five-spoke aluminum alloy wheels, wheels are also very unique shape, with the Chery EXEED TX car body full of sporting feeling.

The tail of the new car looks very full but angular, trunk door bumpy lines, so that the vehicle looks very stylish. Like the front, Chery EXEED TX also uses the rear end of the very popular in the high-end car market through the taillights, and the front of the run-through LED daytime lights echoes. Taillights also use the LED light source, also embedded in the middle of the chrome bar, high degree of recognition during the night. In addition, the new car uses a total of two bilateral rectangular exhaust.

And the same appearance, Chery EXEED TX interior performance is also very perfect, the new car with a flat design of the three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, so that sporty feel greatly improved. Center console using a large size of the floating touch screen, high just, not reflective, very easy to operate. The car is also equipped with a very compact appearance of the electronic block lever, and full LCD dashboard. Power, Chery EXEED TX equipped with a 1.6T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 160kW, the peak torque of 320 Nm. In addition, the future will launch 1.5T hybrid models.

Xiaobian Comments: Chery has been the appearance of the more ugly appearance by the majority of users Tucao, but this time seems to have opened the Chery RenRaili Mai, Chery EXEED TX in the Yan value is really handsome. If it is really the price of 120,000 listed, then the domestic SUV market there is a burst of models coming soon.