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Liu Yaomei, the most deadly heroine of the anti-Japanese heroine, was eaten by the Japanese army as soon as possible after digging their caesarean section

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After Japan launched the war of aggression against China, the Japanese army committed innumerable and numerous crimes committed in China. Some of them have gone beyond human's limits and do not know what words to describe. Today, I came to say that one tragic death in the hands of the Japanese army The heroine Liu Yaomei anti-Japanese deeds.

Liu Yaomei's death

Liu Yaomei, female, born on October 18, 1921 in Luoyu Village, Fuping County, Hebei Province. After Japan launched the war of aggression against China, Liu Yaomei joined the anti-Japanese and state salvation movement and held the position of director of the Women's Federation in Luo Yucun. She often organized meetings among women in the village to learn the culture, discuss the truth about the victory of the war and organized the development of local villagers to join the war. At that time, some men joined the army on the front line and some guerrilla guerrillas at the rear. Liu Yaomei led the women in the village to produce food, station guard and sentinel to feed the anti-Japanese guerrillas. Liu Yaomei, also became the nail in the thorn of the Japanese army.

In 1943, when the Japanese army carried out a large "raid" on the Jin-Cha-Ji area, the Japanese Arai Brigade washes blood and washed Pingyang Township and Pingyao Township in Fuping County just where it was. The Japanese army also got this information and immediately sent heavy troops to surround the nearby villages. 12 On January 10, Liu Yaomei was unfortunately arrested in Pingyang Village. After the capture of the Japanese tortured her, Liu Yaomei refused to give in to Mei; to cold biting night, the devil dressed in a single Liu Yaomei closed in Chai shed. The next day the Japanese bundled her up and tortured again. Liu Yaomei cursed the Japanese army and sang revolutionary songs and chanted the Japanese invaders. Japanese commander Arao was shameful and cut a piece of meat on her leg with a knife. Eat.

Huge pain led to Liu Yaomeng fainted but she was not dead, the Japanese continue to torture her for three days, Liu Yaomei still refused to give in. Unevenly, the Japanese army dug Liu Yeomei's heart and cut his head again before throwing her body in the well. After the Japanese withdrawal of the local villagers to Liu Yaomei salvaged the body, saw her eyes amblyopia, head and neck attached to a layer of skin; abdominal cavity was cut off, the chest two large blood moistened ribs; arms, thighs Bones left. The village was buried with tears after the anti-Japanese heroine, and set a monument for her.