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Take the car people most annoying 5 behavior, co-pilot who can not sit

Car 2018-01-06 22:06:19 7

To go out, inevitably have to take someone else's car, the most unbearable behavior of the owner, see you in a few?

▼ too much luggage, trunk things you have more than the owners

Whether it is a friend on his way home or the Spring Festival carpool, a lot of people are big bags Sit people's trunk full of brims, many people will feel that they do not have to carry, this weight of the car over tons of big guy It's not a matter of course. Remind netizens, when people sit in the car with little things, one is too much weight, fuel consumption becomes larger, the other is the trunk overcrowded spring squeezed long out of compression, the car ass sank more meat, the throttle reaction SLOW. And overload is also caused by one of the causes of flat tire, especially when going home to go high-speed, less loaded things, not overloaded.

▼ With the children on the car, no matter how good

Many drivers are actually not offensive to their children, disgusted with some parents took their children to the car, the child pulling the door handle she did not stop, climb up and no matter, it will greatly affect the driver's mood and attention, So these things themselves should be done, rather than let people blame you.

▼ smoking

Nowadays, many cities have already banned smoking in public places and smoking has become a health hazard. When you take someone else's car to smoke, the owner and other passengers will tell you to take second-hand smoke. In winter, the car does not open the window and the oxygen content will be reduced, which will easily lead to safety accidents. Followed by the soot where are out, bad or bad, let some car owners such as life how to be good. There are passengers on the car love to take off your shoes, this is someone else's car, do not too much to themselves as outsiders, flying self, the air would not flow, regardless of foot odor not stinky.

▼ sit in the co-pilot on the train

This is definitely the most annoying of all owners, how do you know that people do not pick up? The location of the co-pilot is really not everyone can sit.

▼ Comment on foot / blind command

Some people get on the car, shut the door but opened the chatterbox, even bead-like car owners and car comments. "How do you buy this car ah, you car is not very good ah, hey even this function is not, hey you can not drive technology, turn left in front of you see lights ah, you drive too meat, anxious" and so on, this is Others car, did not let you pay for the bill, others can complain about yourself, can not turn your comment on the foot. In addition, when driving do not shout transfer owners attention, to prevent the accident.

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