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1.5T / 180HP Honda, Borui GT brush with 1.6 fuel consumption brand benchmark

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Geely Barry, which has the title of "the most American-made midsize sedan," has drawn much attention. In recent years, with the popularity of coupe models, Geely Bore also took the opportunity to launch the sports version of the Borui GT.

It is reported that this car will be the fastest in March of this year will be unveiled, to buy Borui friends may wish to wait for this car, why so to speak, here we take you to understand what is special under this car.

Borui GT

Cash Borui

The new car, like the cash-strapped Geely Barry, is based on the KC platform and looks very similar to a cash-on-spec model, but with a closer look you can see some differences.

For example, its lights are more sharp than the cash, the new car surrounded by a more sporty transformation to meet the coupe-type characteristics.

Geely Borui GT taillights in the more narrow, a chrome bar directly through the entire rear of the car, unlike Boris only the middle part of the car only. In addition, the words below the taillights Borui GT, also shows the identity of the new car.

In addition, Borui GT wheel styling more sports, providing a gun gray and two-color spray a variety of styles, and size 215/55 R17 and 235/45 R18 two specifications.

Cash Borui

Borui GT

Geely Borui GT interior part, looks compared to the ordinary version of Borui more concise. In particular, the central console compared to the ordinary version Borui less a lot of tedious buttons. And for the previously recessed in the control of the screen, the tiling now looks more comfortable!

As a midsize car, the GT version of Borui has a width of 4986/1861 / 1513mm and a wheelbase of 2870mm. Body length and wheelbase, respectively, than the ordinary version of Borui increased by 30mm and 20mm.

Rich configuration has always been the best place for cash Borui, GT version in this regard, such as panoramic sunroof, ACC adaptive cruise, reversing radar, welcome lights, panoramic camera, ESP and other features are equipped with.

Fuel consumption has been criticized as one of the disadvantages of Borui, many users feedback borui comprehensive fuel consumption is about 10. Although the older models affected the performance of fuel consumption due to the weight of the car, the revised model had a weight loss of 75 kg on the entire vehicle. 32 kg of which is reduced to the chassis. Suspension swing arm, knuckle all the material into the aluminum alloy material, presumably GT version will be on the basis of this lightweight processing one step closer to it.

The GT version of the car will be equipped with 1.5T engine, the maximum power of 180 horsepower (132kW), peak torque of 265N · m, the official announcement of its fuel-based integrated fuel consumption of 5.8L / 100km.

In addition, Borui GT will also introduce plug-in hybrid version of the model will be equipped with engine code-named JLH-3G15TD 1.5T turbocharged engine + permanent magnet synchronous motor composed of hybrid system, fuel consumption actually exaggerated to 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption Only 1.6 liters.


Geely Bo Rui is the more representative of their own brand which mid-size sedan, high value and rich configuration is its most attractive place.

Borui GT launch, on the one hand is to enrich the original 1.8T, 2.4L power options, on the other hand, shape and interior enhancements further highlight the temperament, it will follow-up plug-in hybrid version of the launch, it if In terms of price and fuel consumption to do better, it is very explosive potential Oh.


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