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Love and producer - best boyfriend appraisal guide

News 2018-01-04 22:14:07 11

Recently, the female colleagues in the entire office are addicted to a game that choke phobia - together with the third person falling in love with the paper people.

(Sorry for the series) is actually "love and producer."

Originally I was not interested in virtual love, but her colleague Wang quietly pops up the window that the game can successfully achieve the dream of raising a small dog, punctuation marks before I started to download and register. </ strong>

The game is only a female perspective. In the story setting, you (the hostess) is the second generation on the verge of bankruptcy. After graduating from the father-run film and television production company, you need to find ways to make popular programs and maintain the company's livelihood.

In the process, you will be exposed to all kinds of boys (looks good and money), you want to be ambiguous with four boys, while becoming the top producer. This play green tea bitch game won my heart.

Since then noon break, my female colleagues are collectively lying on the lazy couch side to play while exchanging experience, some people feeling "Li Zhe Yan this very proud and lovely!

Or crying, "Why did not God give me a white up!" I found that each microblogging to the office, each man has a group of young mates, several camps often even battle each other, which is most worthy of discussion in love.

So, let me give you an inventory of immature ghost, sultry love prodigal son, a dedicated high-cold god of the sun, the young dog, who is most suitable for falling in love?


Li Zeyan 28-year-old high-profile Capricorn </ strong>

Why did you put Mr. Lee in the first place? Because he is a proper steel straight man. (Step by step wrong step error ah ...)

Obviously master your big kill Raiders - your company is bankruptcy by whether he invests the decision, but he does not give in to the warm man, but to set you a lot of obstacles, see you work hard, and then lend a helping hand.

deserved to be the straight king of the defending king Capricorn, shaking S boring was most vividly interpreted by him, obviously eager to show each other good, but always to create the illusion you owe him, find the reason to pay for you. </ strong>

Just as he repeatedly apologized for your chances of looking at a business case, he apologized unconvincedly and said, "Now that you have my number, if you can not do it, you can always."

I would like to invite you to eat, not a direct invitation, but first ask when you ask him to eat, polite answer "after" before you set the road, "reciprocity, tonight I first invite you to eat.

Know that you are easy to walk wrestling, they deliberately stood on your only way, waiting for you to crashed into his arms, mouth you say bold, in fact, happy to blossom.

He did not dare to confess to you, nor see you good to others, see you to the crew made a pudding, secretly replaced, take your hands to eat home.

But when you really see your grievances, my heart will blurt out - "What problems encountered in the future, looking for me to not carry their own silly."

"My black card is for you." </ strong>

Steel straight male president Li, and junior high school euphoria young boys are the same, always tease like the girl, poisoned her tongue, to win the attention of each other, but also annoyed the other party do not understand his full affection.

Always face to face when you, you, reply to your circle of friends has never been warm heart, Li type triple: idiot, naive, but so.

Members boyfriends pay attention, this is strong tease shame, please forgive me.

Girls want the meticulous care ah, otherwise why so many girls want to steal his black card keep the white.

Of course, President Lee still has a wave of fans. why?

He looks good.

sultry index: ★★ </ strong>

Color Index: ★★★★ </ strong>

Love Index: ★★★ </ strong>

Summary: Straightforward, such as the president of steel, can kill you sweet, but also you mad, want to fall in love with him, we must develop a strong heart, waiting for him to grow up, learn how to love correctly.


28-year-old Scorpio scientist </ strong>

What is the best color to ask Scorpio? Charming, properly attractive.

He is good at observation in the dark, well known, with the inherent skill of tease, up to the age of 10-year-old girl down to 80 years old, no one would not be planted a fire.

Heart can be described as arson committed by the prisoners.

This is evident from the details of his dealings with you. Beginning with your acquaintance, he creates an ambiguous atmosphere all the time.

Let you remove the title directly call his name, a word will be successful to bring you closer, successfully transformed from a collaborator to a friend.

And he did not know if he had no intention of staying in your company's pen, giving you the opportunity to meet again, obviously only need to take the pen, but he took the opportunity to pick you up from work, step by step as accurate as calculated.

If you have less emotional experience of the girl, more contact twice, will indulge in his gentle countryside.

But the more you come into contact with him, the more you discover that he has only the one you are willing to show before you. You do not know the real thoughts behind his gentle smile, and do not know how many layers he has before he can see the truth He seems completely enamored with you, but he does not talk about himself. </ strong>

Maybe you would have innocently chosen to follow him and find out the background, but even then he found that he still said, "You have to lend me tonight, I can forgive you." Do not face you real.

Xu Mexico is like a lot of girls trying to conquer the situation prodigal son, who want to be his destination, but who ultimately failed.

He is lonely and unconvincing about love. Those sweet words come from the disguise of his emotions, he would rather take the initiative, but also used to the initiative ambiguous, so that the girls are often unable to parry, forgot the initial will - get his heart.

When he really wants to face "love," he will begin to hesitate, tangle, and even if you have the courage to approach him, he will run away. One second before tenderness, he will refuse the next second and say, "We still Better to be friends. "He could not afford the heavy heart.

But even knowing how to do this, how many infatuated girls could resist being aggressive - "I am greedy and want all of you."

sultry index: ★★★★★ </ strong>

Color Index: ★★★★ ☆ </ strong>

Love Recommendation: ★ ☆ (☆ is a half star meaning) </ strong>

Summary: Love prodigal lover than terrible veteran who, with a test of hundreds of poison and invading heart, through experience to conquer the people, the former is different, they have no heart, at least when you face no. Maybe someone can eventually conquer him, but this person will not be you, so, do not want to hurt, please stay away.


White 24-year-old SWAT Shooter </ strong>

As this is the most popular, countless teenage girls competing to steal Li Zeyan black men raised his father, the white police officer is completely welcomed.

He is a story of male students, when a young man was a shuttle in the hail of bullets, and now far away from the arena, leaving you silently protect you.

He looks cold, unspeakable, unmoved in the face of the girls, the surface of your murderer but in the circle of friends across the screen but you did not tease you to discuss. </ strong>

When you are upset, he says I will not be comforting, but you can always come to me.

He can not talk, but can listen to the voice of the wind. When you are happy about what you have accomplished, he is left with an instinctive empathy - "happy for you, the wind knows."

He did not talk about love, do not know how to tease sister, the first time you see you dare to put a piece of clothing on your body fled to flee.

Because of appearance too fierce, he was afraid of you to see him and scared, but he really wanted to be with you, so when you can not meet with you, summon the breeze for you, blowing the ginkgo leaf blowing to you direction.

Probably Sagittarius boys fall into love like this, regardless of all hopelessly put all the attention on each other who can have a name in a crush, but can not do without you.

Of course, when you are ready to get along with him, he is the embodiment of Asian vinegar king. </ strong>

When you call, he will be pouting to ask you, and who is calling, laughing so happy?

When you talk about other people in your circle of friends, his mantra is only, who, who is, and even you want you to Amway a cut his head, Tony, he will silently back, who is Tony.

He is too scared to lose you.

Although the same appearance of cold, he and Li Zeyan biggest difference is that he did not have the heart to tell you a hard talk, will only incarnate your innocence dedicated dog, on call, he would like to give you all the best .

sultry index: ★★★★ ☆ </ strong>

Color Index: ★★★★★ </ strong>

Love Index: ★★★★★ </ strong>

Summary: Specific, high-value, only to you a gentle, on-call loyal dog, I'm sorry, I fell


Zhou Qiluo 22-year-old idol Aries </ strong>

Aries small wolf dog, you know.

As a simple guy with a simple brain, he will play, like food, and like you, is the same honey as gay honey. </ strong>

With him, you will not have a sad moment, he knows you, can play with you, like a small solar light and heat.

He never feared revenge, especially generous to you, even when sad, you can digest yourself.

So when you're in trouble for him, he'll comfort you, "I'm not angry with anyone in my health."

Of course, Aries is very male chauvinist. This machismo is that he takes the initiative and does not let you worry about it. He would say, "Follow me should not be afraid, no matter what happens to me."

He is willing to work with you when you meet tough things because "to protect you is my innate responsibility." When you worry about losing weight because of you, in your heart, you will always be the most lovely, When.

Of course, because love experience is too little, when he wants to see you, you learn to make chocolate for you to eat, rather than take the initiative to find you.

Hey, man, you still need to learn to grow up. </ strong>

sultry index: ★★ </ strong>

Color Index: ★★★★ ☆ </ strong>

Love Index: ★★★ ☆ </ strong>

To sum up: boys like the sun glow, often easy to be regarded as spare tire, after all, he was too easy to get, can not mention the girl's conquest.

Said so much, how to recognize such a good boy, and they fall in love? First, you have to look good.