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Jia Nailiang distraught morning drinking, for her daughter to endure? Li Xiaolu sister Huosi Yan final fight turnaround

Entertainment 2018-01-04 18:33:16 81

Recently, Li Xiaolu derailed, Jia Nailiang was wearing a green hat the news burst again and again, real hammer one by one, so that a large group of people eat cucumbers hooked.

The first time burst, Jia Nai Liang may also be self-deception, like the public in front of installed, after all, is his beloved wife, after all, is the daughter of his own pet heaven. After all, PGONE is also their favorite hip-hop singer, remember the safflower will be in the final of the PGONE, Jia Nailiang and Masu gang trying to pull Fan Bingbing video recording to help PGONE cheer.

Now fate, Jia Nai Liang and Wang Baoqiang actually have the same fate, it stands to reason, Jia Nailiang cheerful, will coax girls, superior family, parents alive. No matter from which aspect is better than Wang Baoqiang too much, if Ma Rong disclaims Wang Baoqiang forgiveness, then Li Xiaolu now despise Jia Nai Liang great reason may come from restless Li Xiaolu's vision is now declining Amazing

Some netizens pointed out that Jia Naoliang more straightforward, noisy, emotional intelligence is too low ... ... to see the recent performance Jia Nailiang can see that he is indeed a very straight person.

Recently, netizens broke the news Jia Nai Liang drink drunk alone in the bar, his face melancholy! In the face of Li Xiaolu and pgone things, Jia Nailiang indeed powerless, although all aspects of clarification, but real hammer we all know, but since inseparable, can only endure.

Jia Nai Liang appeared for the first time, visiting the supermarket alone, and then uncomfortable to give sweet Xin cooking. Jia Nai Liang expressionless, some helpless even sad. Pick a delicate glass, it is estimated to buy a sweet. Jia Nailiang went to the fast food area, bought some bread biscuits instant noodles. I saw Jia Nai Liang hands pocket, eyes dull, usually lively, Jia Nai Liang, but now like a lost soul, where to find such a good man?

Before long on the fire show "Daddy is back" in Li Xiaolu and Jia Naoliang a pair of lovers often show love, there are now being ridden by Jiayue Ting Gan Wei, once at home when eating, Jia Nailiang funny to demonstrate themselves At home, while bantering for Li Xiaolu to give him a package to eat, such a small move Jia Nailiang can be happy for a long time.

Now Gan Wei was forced to come out loud, Li Xiaolu broke the orbit, but also in conjunction with Jia Nai Liang's investment in the music, can be described as the daughter-like what day will go in which direction, the other hand, before the "father is back" and Huosiyan couple who are not concerned about Teddy's sisters group have played a beautiful turnaround this year with their son Huh Huh. Since participating in the program after much attention, the festival, the activities will always be the focus of people, which with the then Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu couples with lively, clever sweet little sweet home when there are similarities ah.

But now you can use "Thirty years Hedong Thirty Hexi" to describe the situation of the two.

Huo Siyan at least for her husband Dujiang is full of favorite worship.

But now the latest news from Jia Nai Liang issued a document, in order to sweet, for the child he intends to put up, this man, really make people mixed flavor, I believe the great gap between the two also produced it, can only say that happiness If you do not want to live your life, no one can help