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LOL-blow explanation also eat melon: LPL commentary drama is too crazy!

News 2018-01-02 18:39:51 8

Beijing time on January 2, 2018, Lixin League LPL host Luo Xin announced his resignation in the microblogging work, and then explain the remembrance also followed Microblogging announced his resignation, attracted LPL English explanation Froskurinn also microblogging sighed: "LPL commentary drama too crazy!"

The reason for the withdrawal of two LPL figures in front of another suspected LPL is another LPL commentary Guanzhao Yuan on the morning of January 1 on Luo Xin and remember the emotional relationship between the two microblogging, bluntly Luo Xin remembered as a spare tire. January 2, Luo Xin said: "The negative impact on the official I am sorry to blame, after the incident official communication with Tencent, my status is not suitable to continue to serve as LPL chair, the future will resign from the existing work "

Remember_ goes on to say: "The whole thing starts with me, and I'm going to communicate with the authorities to resign from the official explanation without affecting the recent events." Hopefully the LPL and the League of Legends will get better and better. "

Froskurinn, who is about to start LPL English commentary in Shanghai in the coming season, has also eaten: "LPL commented that the show was so crazy that I had thought it was bad enough to explain in English and I hope things could be solved perfectly and the parties finally Can have a good result. "