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Luo Xin suddenly announced his resignation as an LPL moderator Suspected feelings of depression

Entertainment 2018-01-02 17:50:11 12

This afternoon, LPL Luo Xin, the official hostess, announced on Weibo that the current "status is not suitable for continuing as LPL chair." After formal communication with Tencent, it will resign as LPL chair. According to the article published by Luo Xin, it is suspected that she is in an emotional problem.

Luo Xin microblogging original reads as follows:

I have been reflecting a lot on the recent two days and I sincerely apologize to all:

Because of my own personality reasons, I am not mature enough to deal with the feelings I remember, I have apologized and I remember privately communicating;

Secondly, I apologize to those friends who have been affected and affected around me. I am so sorry that I will let you bear with the controversy and pressure of public opinions with me.

Finally, I am sorry to blame the negative impact on the official, after the incident official communication with Tencent, my status is not suitable to continue to serve as the chair of the LPL, the resignation of the existing work in the future. In later life, I will be more cautious. Thanks to the fans for their understanding and support, I also sincerely apologize for the varying degrees of harm and impact you have had.

In the early years, Luo Xin served as the host of the Bilingual Program of Chengdu Television Station and the designated host of the Sichuan Division of the "China Dream Girl" Super Selection Contest. In June 2016, he served as the host of the League League of Legends, and in June 2017, he served as the third season anchor of League Four Tests. Her popularity among players was high, and as the LPL spring season was about to begin, she suddenly announced her resignation, and many said she was caught off guard. Hope she can promptly adjust the state, back to the normal rhythm.