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Dai Jing Yao girlfriend is Meng Jiao Xia Luhan and Meng Jiao Xia is a couple?

Entertainment 2017-12-01 23:53:52 239

With the drama "you can not embrace you," the hit, the play plays a male head of Simba is in a very distressed, many users of Simba actor Dai Jingyao Road to powder, this looks exactly like Luhan's Actors become the focus of everyone's attention. So who is wearing Jing Yao's girlfriend? Is Meng Jiao Xia?

Dai Jingyao graduated from Donghua University Department of Performance, because of the talent show to participate in "Star Motion Asia" and concern. In the "Star Move Asia" Dai Jingyao successfully entered the 15, and participated in a year-long training in South Korea, after he returned home, with super fashion and superior appearance as the darling of the fashion industry, and then began to engage in entertainment ring.

The Dai Jingyao in the network drama "can not embrace you", as the captain of the combination captain vampire "Simba", read the show's partner should have left a deep impression on him, because he and Luhan resembles, also Be friends as "deer Han." Have to say, Dai Jing Yao's value is really high, but also versatile, singing and dancing are good, so boys who do not like it?

About Dai Jingyao like the type of girl, as long ago in the interview, he had already said like Sunshine Sung like this girl. However, the online search Dai Jingyao's name, and Meng Jiao-xia will always be out together, are they two lovers? It is reported that Meng Jiao-Xia and Dai Jing-yao is the same classmates, good body, but also the school-level figures, so there will be "Dai Jingyao girlfriend is Meng Jixia misunderstanding," the two are not real boyfriend.