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And Stephen Chow most take the 2 gold men with, in addition to Ng Man Tat and him, was neglected Dana

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To say that the first person in the film believes that different people have different answers. Some like Jackie Chan, others like Jet Li, and others like Chow Yun Fat. However, when it comes to talking about the first person in film comedy, I believe we will all say the same thing Stephen Chow. But Stephen Chow's success is inseparable from his supporting role around him, and having such two supporting roles is of crucial importance to Stephen Chow's success. Here and Xiaobian together to see it!

First talk about Ng Man Tat. I believe all the people who watched Stephen Chow's movie know the importance of Ng Man Tat and play a big role in Stephen Chow's film. Throughout Stephen Chow's a movie, there are works starring Ng Man Tat should be good reputation. The most classic like "Westward Journey," "gambling St.", "Shaolin Soccer" and so on.

Ng Man Tat and Stephen Chow co-operation for 11 years, and Stephen Chow just started the cooperation of "gambling saint" to beat Jackie Chan at a low cost with the same movie, but also broke the box office record of Hong Kong films in one fell swoop in 90 received 40 million Hong Kong dollars at the box office, after 2001 cooperation "Shaolin Soccer" is once again breaking the box office record of Hong Kong films, closing more than 6,000 million Hong Kong dollars.

"Escape Veyron" This series of presumably everyone is also very familiar movie, but also very successful early Yeh, a series of works. However, the movie was partnered with Ng Man Tat during the first two sessions, while the third one was replaced by another supporting actor. He was one of the best supporting roles in Stephen Chow's film career.

Since 1992, Chen Baixiang and Stephen Chow have also collaborated on a number of films. There are many movies known as "The Dragons Rover Veyron 3", "Deer Ding", "Wu Chayuan Su Qi Er" and so on. Among them, the most memorable one should be "Flirt Autumn 2015" with the collaboration of Stephen Chow, Gong Li and Zheng Pei Pei in 1993. In the film, he plays Zhu Zhi Shan, one of the four most talented people in the south of the Yangtze River.

"Flirt with Flicker" is also one of the most classic works of Stephen Chow's history of filming. The names of "Xiaoqiang" and "Flowery" also make a hit with this movie. The film also won the box office title of Hong Kong Film Annual in 1993 with a hit of 40.17 million Hong Kong dollars.

Stephen Chow's previous movie Xiaobian most impressed is the most profound "Westward Journey" and "Flirt with Flirt with Flirt," while Ng Man Tat and Chan Pak-cheung are the gold supporting roles in the two films respectively. Chen Baixiang and Ng Man Tat together are also known as the most important two supporting roles in Stephen Chow's film history. It can be said that both of them are well known for their supporting roles. Everybody say? Chen Baixiang and Ng Man Tat acting which superior? Welcome comments!