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Deng Chao Sun Li "fancy" out of control video User: see each other in the happy look

Entertainment 2017-12-31 23:57:13 5

In the afternoon of the last day of bid farewell to 2017, Deng Chao actually betrayed a small video of his wife Sun Li's "tricks" skiing on Weibo. When she saw the snow, she was ready to sit on the snowboard and heard Deng Chao "Go" To slide down, did not expect to fall out of control halfway down to the horizontal subduction attitude, but also my grandmother is also practiced in the half waist "gorgeous" in a circle, accompanied by "silver bell-like" sweet tip Called, led to the super-brother on the side of the palm mirror "gloat" magic laugh, not only quite contagious. And "stamped" said his wife is China's first figure skier.

Only friends at the beginning that people fall that is super brother, but also laugh "to see you fall indeed very happy," the result of fans see several times to find the shadow is Sun Li, then, Deng Chao school users eat melon, with " Magic of laughter I like, "these eight words to" laugh at "the empress of the skiing action, immediately by the netizen reminded" be careful of the home empress let you kneel durian. "The last day of 2017, to witness a wave of strength Black dog food behavior, people see the happiness in the marriage appearance.