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With "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" Zhou Yu became very popular with his wife for 30 years, his son opened the film company

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Twenty-three years ago, a "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" was popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River. That year, when the title song "rolling east of the Yangtze River water, spray Amoy Heroes." Is still the success or failure. Aoyama still in, several sunset red "sounded, people will gather in front of the TV, and family to watch this TV series. The drama also won the Tang Guoqiang, Bao Guoan, He Qing, Lu Shuming and a number of other actors, including the actor who played Zhou Yu - Hong Yuzhou.

Hong Yuzhou was born in 1958, because of his childhood love of acting, he entered the Shanghai Theater Academy at the age of 22 and graduated with honors. After graduation, he was assigned to the Gansu Provincial Theater. In the 10 years of his acting drama, he has several masterpieces such as "First Love Does not Know Love," "The Fifteen Moon," and also appeared in "Yin and Yang circles", "Lao Dan is a tree" and "Black Blood". Many films, but has not been red.

In 1994, he finally waited for an important opportunity in his life to become a star of Zhou Yu in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Zhou Yu was talented, brave and fierce, with distinct personality. However, in Luo Guanzhong's writing, he and Zhuge Liang fought all his life, Finally ended in the tragedy, people feeling.

And Tang Guoqiang rival play is quite exciting, as the crowning touch of the TV series, people relish.

Until now, there are still many viewers think he played Zhou Yu can not go beyond, become a classic character can not be copied.

And He Qing played with Joe, Lang only appearance, quite seductive, but also impressive.

After the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Hong Yuzhou continued to develop on the road to performing arts. More famous works include "Princess Wen Cheng", "Long Story of Zhenguan", "Third Sister Yang sued the" and other TV series, but it is undeniable that these characters failed to go beyond the "Zhou Yu" influence in the hearts of the audience.

In life, Hong Yuzhou and his wife married more than 30 years, both of Shanghai Theater Academy classmates. However, in order to support her husband's career, Qi Qiru, his wife, gave up her pursuit of performing arts and devoted himself to teaching her son.

Hong universe life now is very happy, his son is a movie company's boss, also considered successful.

Although a lot of fat, but his facial features can still see the shadow of the previous Lan Zhou.