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People are human beings, do not have to deliberately go to life, the world is the world, without careful (sentence into the heart)

Notes 2017-12-30 05:32:10 461

People are human beings, do not have to deliberately go to life; the world is the world, do not have to carefully to life. One flower and one world, like a leaf, spring flowers, autumn leaves floating zero, infinite gentle heart, the silence of the natural language movement. Do not chase the deliberate, everything follow the laws of nature, happy, good day.

People are not living in the past, nor living in the future, but live in the moment. Live in the moment, grasp the moment, in order to have real meaning of life. The past, the past has passed; the future, have not come, can not touch. Our thoughts, our delusions, are often not backward or advanced. If you do not work hard now, tomorrow there is no better plan, are illusions, dreams, delusions.

We often get hurt first to understand, before we start to fall. In life, we always care about other people's remarks, we always vie with one another, I do not know that it is only vanity too strong. In fact, life is so simple, more happy, less trouble, tired to sleep, woke up to smile, to be the most simple person, take the happiest road.

To have a happy life, first of all have a quiet heart, so you can quietly see the world. Buddha said: peace comes from the heart, do not go out to pursue, the more the pursuit, the more distressed. Put down the troubles of the past, nor worry about the future, but not persistent now, your heart will be calm. With a tranquil heart to comprehend, to live with the usual heart; with inclusive heart to treat, with a grateful heart to work.

People should follow their natural, contentment, do not deliberately pursue all aspects of life. Frustrated life, how can we see the rainbow without success, success or failure worth mentioning, all things are natural, there will be success in failure, there will be perfect perfection, and let it all go its way and keep Follow the natural state of mind to face life. We insist, we work hard, it is enough!

Life goes its way in order to heart the original wish; Not only does not complain about changing the past, it can also miss current pleasures. To settle the chaos heart, in order to understand the taste of happiness. Greedy grab will only make the life of accelerated degradation, selfless dedication will make life at full speed. Do not deliberately pursue what, people are calm mind, the heart of the net spiritual.

Sunrise East China Sea, anxiety day, hi also one day; failing to make a point, people are comfortable, heart is comfortable; daily to make a living, more like, less like it.

Less dirty and more than three vegetarian meals, thick and sweet, fine and sweet; old and new clothes do not pick, good also warm, Lai is also warm; often chatted with friends, the ancient also talk about, talk about this now.

Life's road, there are always a few bends, a few ditches, a few hurdles; life taste, always a bit hard, a bit sour, a bit astringent. There are some things that can not be used to keeping an eye on one eye. Some people can not guess that they are pretending to be confused. Some things are unreasonable. Do not think about it.

Life is rare heart. Let it be, in order to obtain the peace of mind; to be happy, to get a happy life. To be indifferent to some people, looking to open some. One less material desire, one more net mind; less possession, more merit. Cherish a normal, plain view of everything in the world, open-minded to face the gains and losses of life, let go of desire, so that happiness comes easily.

Endless work, stop for a moment, relax; earn enough money, take a look at the things outside; can not understand the secular, quiet, natural; endless sullen, to say, a broad mood .

End endless entertainment, quit the speech, good for health; endless filial piety, go home, take a look; endless human feelings, 掂 a 掂, do what one can; Slow, walk life!

Things bearish, it will be simple, light feelings, it will relieved. Marginal margin, not grieved, non-light, and more shallow. Success or failure of light, smooth, natural, gains and losses bearish, calm at ease. How to live depends on what kind of attitude we have, and we should be happy to live. Through, through, tasted, or the most beautiful; heard, seen, thought, or simple and best.

Let it be, of course, not doing nothing, but following the laws of nature in the world, doing what you should and not doing something, doing something and not doing something. Disappointed, indifferent. There is no wisdom to go with the flow of its own, with wisdom is the natural solution. Too often or not is not the way to go, do not do the wrong things, do not blindly fight strong. Follow the normal efforts to walk, work to nature into.

The whole family, young and old, each other comfort, poverty and peace, rich and peaceful; morning and evening exercise work hard, busy and optimistic, leisure and optimism; heart wide body health days, not immortal, like a god.

In fact, life is very simple, let it be, naturally!