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STAX SR-L700 Electrostatic Headphones Evaluation Report [So

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By the end of 2015, STAX introduced the three Advanced Lambda headsets SR-L700 / L500 and L300. From the product positioning point of view, L700 and L500 correspond to the previous generation of SR-507 and SR-407 [the generation of the full series name is New Lambda]. From the core technology, L700 and L500 stainless steel diaphragm stent and the new fixed way, and L300 should be the previous generation of vest? Today we first test one of the most high-end of a SR-L700, STAX electrostatic headphones need to match a special high-voltage DC earphone amplifier, so together with the L500 SRM-353X headphone amplifier for sale. SR-700 is priced at 7599 yuan, while the SRM-353X is priced at 5,000 yuan.

STAX SR-L700 electrostatic headphones

STAX SR-L700 electrostatic headphones

Source: Prototype </ b>: Commercial Production Machines
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Technology and appearance

From the historical naming of STAX electrostatic headphones, λ and Ω are the earliest names, and the Lambda series also represents a class of products with rounded rectangular diaphragms in STAX headsets. SR-404/407, SR-507, etc. are classified as Lambda series. The emergence of SR-009 and SR-007 began to use a positive circular diaphragm, positioning is also higher than the Lambda. The previous SR-407 and SR-507 were discontinued with the release of the L700 / 500/300, but the SR-507 is still available for sale, with all other early Lambda discontinued, according to STAX Japan's official website.

STAX SR-407 Headset Electrostatic Headphone - After removing the ear shell, from top left to bottom right are the shell of the ear shell, the speaker, the ear pad and the ear pad

STAX SR-407 head-mounted electrostatic headphones - electrostatic speaker unit's internal structure, from left to right are: dust film, plates, diaphragm, another plate and shell

Combined with the SR-407 headset [Doc] Link = 00004178 [/ Doc] that we dismantled then, we can review the basic structure of the STAX classic headset. As shown in the figure, a rectangular diaphragm with rounded corners needs to be attached to a bracket. How can an extremely thin diaphragm be evenly and force-fitted to the bracket? It is said that this is STAX one of the top-secret weapons. The L700 and L500 change is here, the official introduction of the first sentence, probably means that the use of a new type of stainless steel and three fixed [Google Japanese translation], we also find the official probably confirmed a similar technology . The SR-009 seems to use aluminum brackets. Compared with the SR-009, Lambda series of diaphragm shape, scaffolding material is different, in fact, the final expression of the sound style will therefore be different. Seems like some of the promotional materials that have seen some of the L700's SR-009 technology? But once seemed to have seen, but can not find in the official website.

STAX SR-L700 electrostatic headphones

The difference between the L700 and the L500 is much like that of the SR-507 and SR-407, the most important of which is the headphone cable, and the main difference between the two positioning products of the same generation is said to be headphone cable. L700 uses 6N copper silver or copper silver mixed? Google Japanese translation did not say clearly, it seems that silver and 6N copper hybrid] headphone cable, and L500 is the new HiFC material wire. The L700 ear pads on the surface of the skin is sheepskin leather, and L500 is imitation leather material. No matter which, due to the overall light weight, large enough size, inward pressure less elastic, wearing comfort is very good. Since the earphones are new, there seems to be no creaking of the rubbing of the shank-mounted shaft.

STAX SR-L700 electrostatic headphones

Finally, back to the appearance of the L700 headphone, the appearance of some fine-tuning compared to the past, but still maintain a very ancient and simple shape, the shape is not quite satisfactory, even in the 20-30 years ago can be considered a very individual design . Plastic housing, large square, head frame and headphone unit is quite simple, that is, plastic support shaft to make two holes, disassembly are very convenient. So big a headset, weighs 360 grams, so pick up will feel light, of course, this may not feel too heavy when worn. This appearance absolutely not to mention exquisite, but beyond the retro design of the ancestors? Such a design may still be despised when we tested the SR202 seven or eight years ago and today it is estimated to be more popular than the SR-009. With such headphones out of the street, you are missing is only a portable amp, it is said there will be. The last two sentences are half-joke.

Subjective sense of hearing

The test L700 headphones We prepared two headphone amplifiers, one is STAX SRM-007T, in fact, the hands of this first generation 007T amp and our hands 007TMkII sound is basically the same, the old section of the sound softer A little bit, the new resolution a little better. The other amp is the SRM-353X, which is on sale at the same time. This is a transistor amp which is amplified by a FET and amplified by a Class A DC amplifier. SRM-007T, TA and other old amps priced at about 5000-6000 yuan, the new SRM-007T MKii is priced at 10,000 yuan, while the SRM-353X price of 5,000 yuan [Package seems to have a discount ]. So L700 and these two sets of amp with the composition of about 13,000-15,000 yuan combination. For most enthusiasts, fever is not low.

Originally distressed tube machine burn waste tube life, and happened to see a reporter interviewed STAX official website, said STAX diaphragm and plate assembly is completed, all the monomers have to do 10 days of aging test. When the overall assembly of the headset is completed, all the headphones have to do 10 days in the burning machine. It seems we burn the machine is superfluous.

STAX SRM-353X Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier - Compare SRM-007T

HEFEI MAN HIFIMAN HE1000 Headphones [Panel Speakers] - Compare Sennheiser HD800, SR-009

Contrast object, the main task today is PK STAX SR-009, so there is not much need to explain. Extension tasks, we will further contrast LCDi4, and HIFIMAN's HE1000 headset. The source of choice of Music state MD30 Plus, and Mohsin Mini-i Pro 2S decoder. The HE1000 Headphone Amplifier uses its own optimized rhythm fantasia B-HP headphone amplifier.

Branch Tasks: </ b> First, do some regional tasks. In the LCDi4 evaluation, we have not punctuated grounds, there is no detailed contrast LCDi4 high frequency and L700 and SR-009 differences. In fact, at that time, we listened to LCDi4 and L700 one after another, and we did not carefully compare them on the spot AB, nor did we compare them with SR-009. Until this preparation for the L700 test, we really made a comparison.

At that time the article concluded that LCDi4 at high frequencies, especially the very high-frequency extension, as well as higher-frequency high-frequency resolution of close to L700 or even SR009 strength. And today's conclusion is: Thanks to the in-ear design, SR009 is exceeded for transient detail performance at very high frequencies, and at higher frequencies in the high frequency range. </ B> When you hear these two headphones, you will not have any doubts about the above description, the advantages of easy identification, do not need too much experience. But do not have any surprises, after all, resolution is not all sound, SR009 and L700 overall high-frequency balance and loose, still stronger than in-ear style. However, the performance of LCDi4 does indeed represent extremely high technical strength.

The overall sense of the headset: </ b> L700 we use the longer period of time, we have been too satisfied with its performance, in fact, Soomal SR009 such headphones we took out a year to listen I am afraid that time will be less than 2-3 hours. General appearance is just a friend came to share. Because of their good performance, as a standard, a lot of equipment evaluation no way to normal. So, L700 is at this level. However, the sound style and SR009 differ.

The biggest difference between the L700 headphone and the SR009 is that it can show stronger mid and low frequencies with the same amp, while the SR009 is more relaxed and elegant. However, from the sound level of richness, SR009 certainly still dominant, but many fans also think that in the existing SRM-007 or 727 ear push less than enough power, lack of sound intensity, low-frequency dynamic enough, there is indeed such a problem . The L700 is where the SR009 is not good enough to make the most obvious difference.

At the beginning of the audition, we still underestimated the strength of SR009, because it has been using the L700 that its high frequency has been quite good, this transient natural and real is STAX electrostatic headphones, SR009 should have the status, now even in the L700 a lot lower prices showed. However, the actual comparison with the SR009 do AB carefully, you can find the overall resolution of the SR009 still better, due to the style SR009 also more relaxed than the L700, so SR009 high-frequency resolution and sense of space better than the L700 , The extreme high frequency seems to be higher. For this level of headphone, the extension of the UHF has become no longer made or deliberately strengthened, but inadvertently change your listening experience on some of the previously heard recording products, some high-frequency very subtle Resonance, breath, and sense of space are more accurately expressed, which are the charm of STAX electrostatic headphones.

At the time of our evaluation of the HE1000, EF6 was not used because EF6 seemed a bit too fierce and the Fantasia B-HP used today is actually similar in style to the EF6 except that its sound is modest after adjusting the op amp . But there is still no high-frequency exquisite amber 2 amp soft, I believe there is no HIFIMAN own EF1000 amp soft and delicate high-frequency. But to be sure, no matter which set of amp with the HE1000 high-frequency level is certainly below the L700. In the comparison between HE1000 and SR009, we made clear that the reference level of HE1000 is definitely higher than that of existing moving circle flagship. The sound level is closer to SR009 than moving circle, but there are still many differences and certain gaps .

The HE1000, powered by a powerful amp, offers much better dynamic performance than our existing amps with the SR009 or L700, but the HE1000 is inferior to both in terms of very high frequency extension and overall high frequency transient performance Static headphones naturally, abrupt, and the sense of space is not so comfortable performance, will feel the amount of information and the authenticity of the discount played a lot. As for the challenge of HIFIMAN SUSVARA? Can not be 100% sure, but heard in the audio show with the SUS1000 contrast EF1000 HE1000 no less at all.

IF Performance: </ b> The mid-frequency of the STAX L700 has changed significantly from that of the SR009, not only because of the difference in diaphragm shape and material but also because of the design of the headphone, the thickness of the ear pad, and so on. The SR009's overall sound field is relatively loose, while the L700's sound has been reduced by a circle, but also so that the whole sound becomes more strength, the thickness is also significantly better. On the vocal performance, SR009 resolution and level still belongs to the top, but may think this voice and we usually hear the dynamic headphones is too different. Not the same in what place? Very rich in detail, transient just right, true and accurate. However, although the location of knot like in front of, but the thickness of the sound seems to be farther away from the sound may be enough to force our amp, really like some of the so-called bad headphones push performance. In this regard, HE1000 with force amp, the IF dynamic and thickness there is still much room for improvement [Amber 2, such a mammoth amp is not good IF dynamic.

L700 vocal thickness and B-HP ears HE1000 compared to even the thickness and dynamic aspects of the better, due to convergence with the high-frequency part, L700 distortion is smaller than the HE1000, sounds more natural unity, So L700's vocal performance not only has the thickness, but also compared to HE1000 sound more stable and clean. In fact, this difference is not good description, after all, already very good headphones. However, L700 and SR009 compared to the HE1000, the biggest difference in the IF part of the overall permeability and cleanliness, the so-called clean is not transient fast, neat. The cleanliness of the L700 or SR009 is transparent and pure at transient and high resolution, with no extra modification, true and balanced. L700 brings the sound thickness and strength, compared with the SR009 in the same amp can get a better burst of power, of course, in the sound level of looseness, the level of abundance lags behind the SR009. Excellent level, and more Intensity of the thickness of the IF which is better? I believe most people will still choose SR009, but at the same time they certainly hope that the SR009 IF can be better. The L700 has been selected although better dynamic and thickness, but the details are less than SR009.

Low frequency performance: </ b> The low frequency change of L700 is basically the same as the change of middle frequency, which makes it easier to show the amount of flu in the middle to low frequency to low frequency part, while SR009 has some point to taste. On the resolution of low-frequency dive and details, SR009 is still invincible, but because the sound is too loose, many people may not hear the habit, that there is no power. If the L700 IF lets you feel depressed between the SR009 and the L700, then the L700's low should give you a bigger determination in choosing the L700, but you may also have a prerequisite for putting it down at 007. L700 low-frequency headphones from low frequency to low frequency dive deeper part has a very full sense of the resolution of the same outstanding performance transient speed compared to the SR009 faster, relatively tight low-income, but also better. Its contribution to low and mid-range sound thickness is not small, which makes the cello, male, some percussion instruments more serious, increasing the resolution of the low-frequency, but also for the whole low-frequency headphones to show a strong, strong atmosphere. And such words, you do not need to be on the SR009, SR009's low frequency can only say that resolution is super-class, but it seems that some efforts are not enough.

All along, the dynamic headphones will contempt for low-frequency flat-panel headphones to do it, for example, HD800, K812 said HIFIMAN flat-panel headphones low frequency not; and flat-panel headphones will say STAX classic low frequency to do their own. In general, there is such a trend on some typical headsets at some stage, but it is also mainly based on the sense of low frequency, as well as some earlier tablet and electrostatic headphone designs. The L700 low-frequency and low-frequency volume as well as slightly faster and slightly faster transient transient, compared to SR009 for low-frequency taste greatly changed, and HE1000, HE1000 low-frequency volume sense or to be more adequate, powerful amp also more Easy to show better dynamics. But the static headphones in the sense of low volume and dynamic slightly less case, the details of the performance is still clearly won. Of course, HIFIMAN after HE560, the pursuit of low-frequency some paranoid, began to pursue the distortion of the United States? In order to soften and do a little paste, this is actually a degree of control, not necessarily wrong. However, HE1000 to SUSVARA, it seems a bit toward the meaning of no return. Is it all closer to Edition X's taste? In fact, the Austrian Di Zi LCD wear series, the low-frequency flavor is not the case.

SRM-353X amp and SRM-007T amp: </ b> With the L700 and SR009, you can feel the driving force of the SRM-353X is still a little weaker, not because it can not put these two headphones Push to a large enough volume, but feel the sound thickness and control is not enough to force, which is more reflected in the SR009. The good news is that SRM-727 amp with SR009 feeling high frequency is too hard, the SRM-353X amp but did not obviously appear, although the sense of hearing is certainly not as good as 007T amp, but the performance is completely acceptable.

On the L700, SRM-353X dynamic problem of small enough, although the performance of the high-frequency slightly harder, but you want to beat a good drive HE1000 or no problem. The main problem is that its IF and LF are more dull on the 353X amp, especially at low frequencies, pushing a bit harder and getting a lot tighter, leaving a detail-good classic headset to a harder low frequency , This sense of hearing more strange, not good description, although may not feel good, but can only be realized on the L700. This and other low-frequency headphones become hardened or different. If compared with the HE1000, then the only combination of 353X and L700 may need to tangle is the low frequency. The low and mid frequencies of the SR009 also have similar trends, but not noticeably, as the SR009's sound itself is fairly loose.

The above sense of hearing in the Mini-i Pro2S get under, you can change the sound source, such as the more relaxed MD30 Plus or more light of the enjoyment of the A280, Moment HPA-2 Classic, Monitor 09 Plus, the change is still quite obvious, but Relative to 007T, 353X the sense of hearing is still partial hard, tight, driving a slight decline with L700, with SR009 somewhat inadequate.

Summary </ b>

Some users said Soomal when released STAX SR-009 headphone evaluation, in fact, Soomal did not SR009 evaluation released its evaluation report. But in fact, SR009 was used as a reference many times in the evaluation, today is actually a SR009 headphone evaluation. Also recommend that you compare the L700 and SR009, you can review HE1000 evaluation on the SR-009 headphones content. [Doc] Link = 00006867 [/ Doc]

The performance of the STAX SR-L700 was a bit of a surprise. It hit a performance close to SR-009 at less than half the price of SR-009 [about $ 18,000 for the SR-009]. To L700's voice performance, we think the price of 7,500 yuan attractive for serious enthusiasts, similar to the price of dynamic headphones are not eligible for World War I, and our long-term use of HIFIMAN HE1000 compared to HE1000 compared to Dynamic headphones also have great advantages, but the details of the performance of the L700 is closer to the SR009.

From the system point of view, there is no difference in audio source requirements. STAX can choose the relative limitations of the amp, SRM-353X may be the minimum entry, due to the performance advantages of the L700 headset itself, so that the combination of 35,000 yuan 353X + L700 also quite cost-effective. The traditional high-dynamic headphones or flat-panel headphones can have a Moniotr 09 such sound card headphone output, you can save a drop amp. Of course, have a better performance, may also increase from 2,000 yuan to tens of thousands of dollars of choice. To the existing market products, taking into account the high price of the brand premium amps value for money who are Fengdianjiaojiao, but they also can not be high-end dynamic headphones or even the flat-panel headphones to push the so-called challenge to leapfrog challenge STAX static [Moving circle challenge HE1000-level tablet are not possible].

However, look at HIFIMAN SUSVARA 39,800 yuan, 26,800 yuan Ortiz LCD4, HIFIMAN EF1000 amp 80,000 yuan, EAR Yoshino HP4 amp 38,000 yuan. STAX SR-L700 and STAX original amp system combination at 12000-18000 yuan, cost-effective goes without saying. For serious enthusiasts, we strongly recommend SR-L700 headphones, of course, consider the investment in amp also probably need 5000-10000 yuan. Soomal also gives STAX SR-L700 headphones recommended rating. </ b>