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New aesthetic benchmark - Cadillac ATS modified 19-inch OZ HYPER GT

Design 2017-12-26 12:33:54 77

Cadillac changed what wheels, the answer is certainly the largest of the V-round, as the original design of the V-wheel is certainly a good choice, but many riders have said that there is aesthetic fatigue on the V-round, which is like eye blind East I do not know tea beauty, long time Or to change the taste.

OZ style has been tepid in recent years until 2017 new products - HYPER GT HLT release, finally let me watch the numerous bright spots come to light, this is basically done their own GT3 race with the ring, Obviously racing is what Italians are good at, either do not do or extreme. (OZ HYPER GT HLT Introduction Portal)

The ultimate styling is given a new surface finish, which is STAR GRAPHITE, a color that never before seen on all OZ wheels. Is this the color of looking at the stars in the night?

The front of this installation is equipped with 19-inch front and rear wheel hub tires, parameters front 19x8.5 5x115 et35 70.2, rear 19x9.5 5x115 et35 70.2, with 235 / 35R19 and 265 / 30R19 tires. The offset design of the hub is a little more conservative than our ZC forging, which allows it to better match the imported version of ATS and also meets the ATS-L installation.

Many people think that after installing 19 inch ATS ATS calipers will be particularly small enough to see, but ATS factory equipped with Brembo foundry F50 four-piston calipers, the actual effect is acceptable, that is to say do not change the caliper is after the words, But at least do not have to worry about not enough to see the problem.

Since the HYPER GT references the GT3 design, the entire hub is full of lightweight details, but you will not feel less supportive due to the double-rim design that physically and psychologically satisfies the strength demand.

OZ cover is also very special, is composed of plastic base and carbon fiber patch, not to say that the weight of carbon fiber patch how much, but it feels good to create, which is a big grasp of product details, and this only Wise people can find the beauty.

Our modification is often the pursuit of the United States and the process, and perfection is not a single aspect of the transformation can be achieved, compared to the factory that lazy feeling, V package really more spirit. Such a large number of people think cheap enough to force the car after a simple transformation of the energy burst, if it is as a passerby, you will not look at it with contempt for it?

These days friends circle was dragged down with a motorcycle racing in Nanjing, a Cadillac ATS-L car and two Mercedes-Benz A45 car (one with AMG kit) crazy drag racing, many people think that the modified car and lay shot I think the laying of the gun is yes, but the run-up disturbing or performance car racing car and how the car is equal, this may be the performance of our department lazy governance, would rather miss a hundred can not miss a , This approach scared me directly to stop the car, I think it is over after this limelight car it.