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Construction site workers electric welding electric guitar all the way with lightning Spark boss: You do not have to come on tomorrow

Farmers 2017-12-02 00:21:20 30

Migrant workers are the most dynamic groups, they are imaginative, creative, hard-working. Can also melt the reality of injury, boiled into the ideal sugar. They are most happy and enjoyable. Recently, a migrant worker to electric welding electric guitar, lightning sparks all the way, netizens have ridicule: you do not have to go to work tomorrow.

Safety awareness or to have, my brother's friend do welding, pick up their own, the wife just pregnant, the result of an accident, his wife took the largest share of the insurance money, leave their home, the children also destroyed, no Descendants, really damn!

A friend of mine has played like this, and now he has two meters high in grass.

So talented, should go live fast hand, what kind of workers do.

Old iron 666, it is too talented

The boss saw the distressed, this spark at least five cents electricity, a cigarette in the morning gone.

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