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Japan developed a "self-healing" glass, boyfriend no longer afraid of my iPhone broken

Digital 2017-12-23 23:23:37 18

From time to time hand slip, the phone on a variety of 360-degree free fall. At the moment, see if you hear children's shoes, children's kidneys ache sound of pain.

In particular, the iPhone is also demon's cell phone into a gorilla glass panel, expensive and brittle, and for the cost of the screen can buy an ordinary Android phone.

Therefore, the cell phone screen is often broken rotten one of the most terrible nightmares of modern people. But now, the gospel is coming! With the introduction of Japan's black technology below, after we can put the phone as the Elf ball randomly fell!

By chance, Liu Yanze, a graduate student at the University of Tokyo, discovered a material that could self-repair. So, under the leadership of his mentor, Professor Masuda, began to study, and the material named polyether thiourea.

Polyether thiourea is a hard and transparent resin, even if the glass made by it is cracked, it will also be restored within a few tens of seconds if it is hard to be welded. And, the glass will return to its original hardness in a few hours.

Earlier, it was found that rubber, a soft substance that can be self-healing after crushing at room temperature, is very difficult to achieve self-healing like a hard material like glass. The unexpected discovery of polyether thiourea can be said to bring about a further leap forward to mankind.

New Materials Black Technologies </ strong>

After the polythiourea if used in smart phones, tablet PC screen production, I believe we do not have to worry about broken screen problems, not to mention a heavy phone sets. In addition to prolonging the useful life of glass products, its environmental friendliness is also very good.

Not much to say, I hope the rest of the world can be used on the screen is not bad, the island people R & D market soon!