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Yang Mi also have crow's feet? No PS photos, loose skin like this!

Entertainment 2017-12-24 00:18:23 3

As a popular entertainment actress and dedicated actress, Yang Mi this year, although the works are not many, but the ratings and the box office is good, such as a "SanSiShi Li Peach Blossom" at the beginning of the year, let the power of a great power all year The degree of attention. The second half of finished drama "rocketing", but also without much awaited on the broadcast, we can say that the ministries are popular.

Speaking, Yang Mi is indeed a very good actress. 31-year-old has completed a major event in life - married women. At the same time popularity has also reached a new peak. This entertainment is still relatively rare, because the female star once married will be greatly reduced popularity, however, Yang Mi not only did not decline the slightest, but the popularity has risen again and again these years, reputation is also progress.

Of course, all this is inseparable from Yang Mi's own efforts. As we all know, the actors are very irregular work and rest, stay up all night filming less sleep, such as weight loss, especially easy to bring down the body, Yang Mi this year and promote the new movie and filming also attended the event also served as judges, was also tired and caught a cold. I do not know whether it is excessive consumption of too tired, Yang appeared appeared in the scene was taken photos of activities, it seems that the state is not very good.

Although the makeup covered the tired, but the skin is loose, the end of the eye also crow's feet and eye pattern when laughing.

Lin Chi-ling before being photographed with the crow's feet. She also made a special microblogging that will be hidden next time, very cute.

Can see, actress really is not easy. Bad rest and stay up late itself is easy to aging fast, combined with often have to travel with the skin, the skin no matter how easy also obviously tired. However, the studio's refined map, or looking at the United States and the United States da.

Really, the entertainment is pretty brutal for the female star, the male star is more attractive, even if such a 43-year-old actor such as Zhong Hanliang, still actor. Once the female star to a certain age, you have to face transformation. But fortunately, power is only 31 years old, is the best period of an actress, I hope she can rest, so as to continue shining fever.