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Ali cloud definition industry AI: ET brain fully released

Technology 2017-12-20 12:10:00 46

[Global Network Technology Comprehensive Report] Last week, Ali cloud because of a micro-Bo triggered the industry's attention to its AI layout. Microblogging referred to as "a groundbreaking AI", what will be?

Min Miles, chief scientist of Alibaba Machine Intelligence said: "A year ago, also in Beijing, we released Ali Cloud Artificial Intelligence ET.ET which fully integrates the capabilities of Alibaba voice, image, face, and natural language understanding. Years later, we upgraded ET from a single point to an ET brain with global intelligence and became the pioneer in global industry AI. "

Compared with other AI products, Alibaba Cloud ET integrates AI technology, cloud computing big data capabilities with vertical industry knowledge. Based on the neuronal network-like physical architecture and fuzzy cognitive inversion theory, Multi-body intelligent technology to create multi-dimensional perception, global insight, real-time decision-making, continuous evolution and other types of brain cognitive ability of the super-agent.

ET brain Logo is also based on this design. Logo consists of a simple hexagons and a point composition, color and distribution draws on the human brain activity in different regions of the color thermogram. Ali cloud derived from Logo AI Art - Small ET has a smart and lively personality. The dotted line of small ET forms the style of neural network and represents the common linkage among various intelligent technologies. The polygon surface can change various gestures at any time to represent the continuous evolution of science and technology.

(ET brain LOGO)

(Ali cloud doll - small ET)

Previously, the ET brain has been of value in various sectors in a modular fashion. The city of ET reduced brain transit time by 15.3% in the pilot area of ​​Hangzhou and 4.6 minutes in elevated road access, creating a green channel for ambulances automatically and halving the time to the scene. In Suzhou, ET city brain elevates bus passenger flow up to 17%.

ET industrial brain "walked into" the workshop, breaking through the manufacturing core problems such as yield improvement and failure rate prediction. Currently, it has landed in five industries such as photovoltaic, rubber and energy, helping large-scale manufacturing enterprises such as GCL Solar, Zhongce Rubber, Trina Solar and Shield Energy to create profits of several billion yuan. Among them, Trina Solar and Alibaba ET industrial brain helped them improve battery A product yield by 7%, making it the first IT service case in China to pay for the effect.

In the schema diagram published by Aliyun, ET brain is set as an open AI ecosystem. Min Wanyi announced on the scene the launch of the "Maxima Plan" around ET's brain. The program aims to openly recruit top-level partners in the global AI field to build the ET brain through events and to land on more industries. At the same time, more than 110,000 developers on Tianchi, the world's largest intelligence platform, will also join the ET brain, which previously helped the ET industrial brain solve a number of industry puzzles.

In addition to providing new impetus to the development of the industry, the ET Brain will also provide a huge exploration scene for global technological innovation. Not long ago, the ET city brain was selected as one of the four major national artificial intelligence open innovation platforms in China, which means that all domestic research institutes can participate in the technological innovation. Min Wanli said: "The moon landing plan of the 1960s gave birth to a series of important innovations in communication technology and bioengineering. Today we have unprecedented computing power and data processing capabilities. The ET brain can not only benefit people, but also can be like Like the moon landing program, artificial intelligence becomes the most important research platform for the next 10 years. "