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The real Japanese winter street, Japanese women are not afraid of cold, bold barefoot wearing short skirts

History 2017-12-18 11:08:32 6

The real Japanese street in winter, Japanese women are not afraid of cold, bold barefoot wearing a skirt!

Figure 1, at this moment, it is already winter. I believe many small partners, walking outdoors, will be shivering.

However, in Japan's winter streets, but there are such a group of people, not cold, big winter, bold barefoot wearing short skirts.

They are Japanese women, what's going on? Let's take a look at the real shots of Japanese streets.

Figure 2, This is a Japanese farmers market, surrounded by a variety of products.

Although indoors, but most Japanese, are wearing a jacket, wrapped themselves tightly.

However, the lady wearing a pink jumpsuit skirt, but defying the cold, exposing his two bare legs, swaggering walk.

Figure 3, this is a Japanese outdoor street, the time is winter evening.

The streets, because of cold weather, sparsely populated, this time, it is time to get off work.

The fashionable Japanese woman, however, wore only a gray jumpsuit and bare legs, probably to show her good stature.

Figure 4, behind the Japanese security uncle, wearing a thick security uniform, but also wearing a hat.

The Japanese woman, still bare legs, wearing thin socks, walking on the road, not afraid of cold!