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Nanjing massacre, Okamura Ning times are surprised at soldiers distorted minds "actually developed to such a point"

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December 13, 1937 This is the day every Chinese should remember. Because on this very day, the capital of Japan occupied the capital of Nanjing, the Japanese invaders (especially the lower officers) think that China no longer exists. This should be the last battle. If we do not indulge ourselves, we will have no chance later.

As a result, the massacre in Nanjing, which shocked both China and foreign countries, took place. According to incomplete statistics, a total of 300,000 Chinese compatriots died in this disaster.

Japanese atrocities in Nanjing

Japanese army eleventh army commander Okamura Ning times, in Wuhan on the eve of the battle, due to extreme summer heat mood, because of one thing but also the commanding forces are full of complaints. In this complaint, it confirms some important historical materials in the Sino-Japanese war, that is, the existence of the Nanjing Massacre, and the fact that the Japanese military did indeed violate the Chinese prisoners of war.

After Okamura became the commander of the 11th Army, his advance staff, the Central Military Commissioned Special Service Minister and the Hangzhou Special Administrative Commissioner reported on them. Several people clearly reported that "when the capture took place in Nanjing, Tens of thousands of people to looting, rape and other major atrocities "," the front line troops excuse to supply difficulties and kill prisoners. "

Okamura Ning times

Of the troops commanded by Okamura Ninzsu, the most corrupt military discipline was undoubtedly the Sixth Division participating in the Nanjing Massacre and the detachment of wave field. Even the army officers of both units said shamelessly: "As long as the army is brave, looting, rape and other unlawful acts can be completely ignored."

The Japanese, who participated in the Nanjing massacre at the time, even posed with photos of brutal acts when sending letters to their hometown. Okamura Ning heard this incident very shocked, he complained a few words, "did not think my army psychology actually went so far." </ strong>

Do not forget national shame, revitalize China!