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Shaanxi Jian file card poor population Medicare from the starting line down to 3000 yuan

Farmers 2017-12-13 11:55:34 10

Recently, the Provincial Department of Social Affairs, the Provincial Department of Finance and the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office jointly issued the Implementation Opinions on Practically Poverty Alleviation for Social Security and formulated targeted policies on pension, medical treatment, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance. Measures to support the establishment of archiving card Untaxing population, subsistence allowances, destitute population and other disadvantaged groups to participate in social insurance, the basic coverage of all statutory officers to help implicitly help poor poor precision.



The government pays end-of-life insurance to people in need

The "Opinions" put forward suggestions on the payment of old-age insurance for urban and rural residents to poor rural residents, low-income people and destitute people who have not been labeled as standing-up cards, and from January 2018 onwards, the government pays them annually 50 yuan premiums, the provincial and municipal finance 50%, </ strong> have enjoyed the urban and rural residents pension insurance subsidies, not repeated. For persons with severe disabilities who participate in urban and rural residents' endowment insurance, the provincial government will pay 100 yuan for the same amount of old-age insurance premiums and will not repeat the payment. Encourage individuals to actively pay fees on the basis of government payment and enjoy the preferential policies of overpaying and paying long taxes and encourage cities and counties to formulate more favorable policies to reduce the payment burden of the poor.

From January 2018 onwards, for those who participate in the pension insurance for urban and rural residents, the basic pension will be increased by 5 yuan per person per month. The required funds will be 50% of the provincial and municipal finance.



Poverty relief population dropped to 3,000 yuan medical insurance

We will improve the system of serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents, cut down the line to the rural poor who are filing for establishing cards, and reduce the tolls to 3,000 yuan for those poor people who have already been approved for poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation through strengthening the effective connection of basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance and medical assistance , The implementation of comprehensive protection, improve the level of their health insurance benefits, so that building file card poor population actual reimbursement ratio reached 90%.

For other patients suffering from catastrophic diseases into poverty, can take comprehensive safeguards. From 2018 to 2020, the supplementary medical insurance will be set up for the rural population with poor credit card coverage. The funding standard for supplementary medical insurance will be 70 yuan per person per annum and will be divided by the provincial, municipal and county governments according to the ratio of 3: 3: 4.



Pulmonary fibrosis rescue assistance with reference to pneumoconiosis policy implementation

Shaanxi will actively promote the expansion of insurance coverage, focusing on the participation of migrant workers in construction industry in work-related injury insurance according to the project, and explore ways to participate in projects such as flexible employment, large liquidity and establishing a relatively concentrated industry of poor rural labors in rural areas Injury insurance. We will continue to implement the phased reduction of tariff policies to encourage enterprises to enhance safety in production, pay attention to work injury prevention and effectively reduce the incidence of work-related injuries.

According to the economic development and the growth of residents' income level, appropriate adjustments should be made to improve the level of industrial injury insurance benefits. For those poor laborers who meet the first payment of work-related injury insurance, the work-related injury insurance handling agencies shall pay in advance.

Adjust and perfect the catalog of industrial injury insurance drugs and incorporate the pneumoconiosis treatment technologies and methods that conform to the medical treatment and medical standards into the scope of payment for industrial injury insurance funds. Simplify the process of diagnosis and treatment, as engaged in dust operations were diagnosed as pulmonary fibrosis, refer to the pneumoconiosis treatment and rescue policies and regulations.



Migrant workers and urban workers to share unemployment insurance

In terms of unemployment insurance, the Opinions require employers to hire migrant workers to pay unemployment insurance premiums according to law, while migrant workers themselves do not pay unemployment insurance premiums. Migrant workers may apply for one-time subsistence allowance after the employer has paid unemployment insurance premiums for them for 1 year in accordance with the law and does not renew the labor contract or terminate the labor contract with it in advance.

The implementation of migrant workers to participate in urban workers unemployment insurance, migrant workers may choose to pay the same proportion of urban workers, unemployed and urban unemployed people enjoy the same unemployment insurance-related treatment. In other words, migrant workers can enjoy vocational training, vocational skills identification and entrepreneurial subsidy according to their own conditions after getting unemployed, with a higher level of treatment and more comprehensive protection.



Recruit contract migrant workers should pay maternity insurance

Contract workers, including migrant workers, shall be included in maternity insurance according to law, and maternity insurance premiums shall be paid by the employer, and individual employees shall not pay any fees. The non-employed women participating in urban and rural residents' basic medical insurance shall be included in the reimbursement of basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents according to the qualified hospitalization medical expenses, and the basic medical needs of workers and urban and rural residents should be considered in consideration of the scope and standards of services.