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Chow Yun Fat: 5.6 billion net worth, all donated!

Entertainment 2017-12-12 17:09:12 44

Do you know how much money Chow Yun Fat made since it made? Some media estimates: 1.3 billion, 2.3 billion, 3.4 billion. But one did not estimate right. "A total of 5.6 billion."

This body is simply horrifying. But even more shocking is: 5.6 billion, all donated, it is beef fork. </ strong>

In 2014, IPhone has been updated to 6. Do you know what cell phone? He once said inadvertently:

"I have not used a smartphone until now, because I feel I do not need it, the phone can call, the contact is fine, not too many features."

He not only uses Nokia, but also uses the very old Nokia. Two years ago, Brother Nokia's broken, this used a smart phone.

Smartphones are not new, but are not used by fathers. Do not play cell phones, do not play micro letter.

He said: "We do not actually need much information, but we should learn to listen to our voices." </ strong>


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Although your brother is an international superstar, a net worth of 5.6 billion yuan, but he did not take a car out on the boat, yachts, he likes to squeeze buses, subways, ferries.

The more people grow up, the more they find it. The real hard part in life is not how to make money, but how to maintain a tranquil heart and lead an ordinary and happy life. "

Ekin Cheng has a very good saying: "When a lot of celebrities think about how to hype themselves all day long, </ strong> fat brother has been back to ordinary people." </ Strong>

"Buy a $ 98 T-shirt." "Buy $ 15 slippers." "And the boss bargain." "Do not like to buy things, he only spent 800 a month."

Fat brother said: "I think these things clothes, not to wear to others, as long as I feel comfortable on the line, so I will not buy expensive clothes."

No smoke, Life is a lonely trip. "</ Strong>

People are small and powerful </ strong> but one thing is common </ strong> is someone who has found what they like to do </ strong> Will be interesting and enjoyable. "</ Strong>

When not filming, hair brother like to hang around with camera. He likes photography. If the film is his career, then photography is his hobby.

Both are indispensable. A person to see the King, a person to take pictures, a person back squat in the dark room to take pictures.

People who are addictive are boring. </ strong>

People who are addictive live boredom. </ strong>

Personally addicted, kung-fu is on the hobby, </ strong>

Things I forget two things, not an expert, is a wonderful person. </ strong>

Fat brother is a wonderful man. </ strong>

Happiness in life, </ strong>

Hiding in this simple plain. </ strong>