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Am I shameless? Ma Tianyu kissing a small primate to face deformation, envy this menacing love!

Entertainment 2017-12-12 17:01:21 12

Now pop pit child, "where's the father," Wu Zun since the show has dedicated to dig his son Max, first microblogging promotional son, "as long as it is a girl, age is not limited", then also exposed Max Light ass Photos, boys are picked up it?

Max: ... I shameless?

Chen Xiaochun like her daughter to make a small bubble called his father, son, then all kinds of dislike, the program also pit son to eat "shit", so cute adorable sweet pepper, friends to organize a group to steal.

Recently, Ma Tianyu drying out a group photo shoot and a nephew, and propaganda: "do not want to take a photo on the black map, I must be your relatives ~."

In the picture, Ma Tianyu hold the small noodles flesh face meal to kiss, the small nephew tears, the face is also directly turned to the deformity facial expression package. Netizen said a year ago, the uncle is not so "frenzied," so gentle and so little spoiled little brother has become a bubble!

Nephew is so cute, Sky can not help but this menacing love, is understandable, it is estimated that the baby's heart has been counter-current, although the face close, but the heart is cold, affection is his beyond recognition, distressed baby a second ... I'm sorry, I really did not hold back.

This wave of "affection to my face," the expression package you get yet?