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China and Russia, Mongolia and America envoy charm line departure

Tourism 2017-12-12 16:48:25 11

The annual China-Russia-Mongolia Beauty Messengers International Contest is about to be held in Manzhouli. According to the practice, before the competition, the organizers will hold large-scale location shooting and gathering activities. December 7 this year, China and Russia, Mongolia and the United States ambassador Charm trip again, 60 Belle and Northland snow will come to a romantic encounter.

On the morning of December 7, glamor players arrived in Hailar district. It is understood that this year's glamor lineup of athletes will respectively Hailar, Root River, Ergun, Lev Wet Park and other places for filming, but also in Hailar and Root River will perform two special performances. These two performances can be regarded as the rehearsal of the Sino-Russian Mongolian beautiful messenger International Contest. In addition, the trip also arranged for makeup and other content shoot. Compared with the past, the charm trip of China-Russia-Mongolia Beauty Messenger this year is the longest one in the itinerary.

Although 60 beautiful messengers come from different countries, beauty does not have boundaries. This charity trip not only enabled more people to enjoy the beauty of the beautiful messengers of China, Russia and Mongolia, but also let the three beauties appreciate the crystal clear beauty of winter in the northern part of the motherland and the enthusiasm of the Hulunbeier people who can not hide it.