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How many soldiers can a general fight with a general in ancient times?

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In the eyes of the modern people, the ancient generals are all martial arts, to a hundred of the generals, because the depiction of the generals in the drama can be surrounded by the enemy's numerous out of a trail of blood, such as Zhao Jun in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Rescuing Liu Bei's son, Fu Dou, was heavily encircled by Cao Jun, but Zhao Yun just saved him from a mighty force and saved himself without any loss. There are also known as the First Ancestor of ancient China, Xiang Yu can easily lift the jack Ding, each into the enemy array can easily stab the enemy, a person can slash and kill the enemy hundreds. Ancient general really powerful! How many general soldiers can fight with a general in the past?

In ancient times to be a general who is not an ordinary person, generally speaking, not a lot of generals way, the first is through the civil service exam, that is, the military exam, by defeating all over the country to become a champion , When on the champion after the very easy to embark on a general position. The second is the hereditary system, the general general's descendants need to learn martial arts at an early age, you can continue to general position. There is also a person who has made a lot of contributions, who achieved great success in fighting through generalization can also become a general, which means that the overall quality of generals to be higher than the average person, but whether this describes a general Can be a rival?

It is undeniable that the general does have certain martial arts. One sentence shows the scarcity of the general. That is, it is hard for the army to gain access but it is hard to find it. However, the scarcity of generals does not mean that the general can kill it continuously in the war. Dozens or even hundreds of people, after being besieged, can still intact retreat. Except for the exaggerated suspicion, a general capable of confronting five general soldiers in actual situations is a limit, provided that five ordinary soldiers do not eat their own food and will not be scared by the general's momentum. In the face of five ordinary A soldier, a general, can not share as much energy as a confrontation with them, because the general is essentially a human being, without any trilogies.

What happens if a general faces 100 soldiers who are scared of death? In theory, a general who is not afraid of death can intimidate 100 soldiers who are scared to death, but ordinary soldiers are capable of thinking. When one thinks that there are 100 people on one side and only one person on the other side, Under the courage to become brave, so the result is that the general still no longer overpower each other momentum, the final result failed.

Therefore, there is no general presence of a general against hundreds or thousands of ordinary soldiers in the TV series, sometimes for the sake of the plot. The true situation is that if a general can confront 3-4 ordinary soldiers against 5 ordinary soldiers It is already the biggest limit. After all, the reality does not exist in the martial arts fiction described in the kind of flying dodge, downgrade 18 palm and other martial arts. However, as a commander in chief, the general, who seldom goes to the battlefield and confronts the soldier directly, will command the army at most places where it is safe to strike. If viewed from this point of view, there will be no ceiling on the capabilities of a general.