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The most beautiful Chinese girl in the eyes of Koreans is not Yang Mi nor Yang Ying, turned out to be her! 98 years

Entertainment 2017-12-11 21:03:00 9

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Photo extended reading: Yang Mi private photo

Image from social network / personal blog


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If you let us think of the most beautiful Chinese girl in the eyes of Koreans, what would you think of? Is the entertainment industry standard power model big power it? Or just won the "Mulan" live-action movie star Liu Yifei it? Or a girl full of small sponge mom Angelababy?

Image from social network / personal blog


Nonono, you think of these national goddess is not friends ~ never imagined, the most beautiful girl in Korea eyes turned out to be a 98-year-old 19-year-old girl. Say her name Zhou Jieqiong, presumably a lot of little sisters are still a look 懵 X looks like it!

Zhou Jieqiong, stage name Pinky, December 16, 1998 Born in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Many people commented that she was hit in the face of Lin Yun, now studying at the Seoul Performing Arts High School, pop singer in mainland China, the only Chinese member of PRISTIN, a Korean women's group. Little sister can be quite powerful snoring!

Of course, we all know that it is very hard to be an artist in Korea. No matter how beautiful it is, no matter how beautiful it is. At the age of 13, Chou Joon started practicing as a Pledis Entertainment brokerage firm in South Korea. Her six-year experience as an intern now allows her not only to be fluent in Korean but also to perform well with any local Korean celebrity.

And unlike many before forget to go to South Korea's development of China's star, although often said to be South Koreans, South Korea was rated as the most beautiful face, but ZhouJianQiong repeatedly stressed that she is from Zhejiang province, which is really let seal king was Circle powder!

As a girl, I started to work hard in Korea as a 13-year-old student and never regressed so hard as a trainee. And through their own efforts, although the combination of fame is not great, but he also has reaped a lot of fans. (Let the little sister hear your applause ~)

Back to the original theme, people in the kimchi country think Zhou Jieqiong is China's most beautiful face this matter, presumably many people are puzzled. After all, kimchi country's high-value sister is also running the streets, then why is this not very famous in China, the girl became a Korean MVP in the eyes of Koreans?

Seal monarch carefully studied, though Zhou Jieqian sister in the photo and do not see a heavy makeup, but the overall effect is very nice. Little fairies do not think this is a little sister did not make up Oh, this is just a "makeup without makeup," the heart machine makeup makeup, Come see the seal king!

Pre-makeup care </ strong>

Of course, want to achieve this without makeup makeup makeup machine sense of mind, makeup before the care, but must do a good job, do not say the sea did not tell you seal Oh! Today invited the super professional "beauty bloggers" Jessica to teach you Oh!

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Make-up Tutorial </ strong>

Step1: after cleansing with cotton pad apply lotion on the face for about a minute, can be like jessica with ear like this detail also let off.

Step2: The essence of the skin care process also played a very important role, hurriedly apply the right amount of essence applied to the face.

Step3: Apply a thin layer of eye cream, can nourish the eyes at the same time, can also play to prevent the appearance of fine lines and dark circles Oh!

Step4: spraying moisturizing spray to the air, then face to pick, keep the surrounding environment moist, will also be beneficial to the skin's moisture.

Make Up Makeup Tutorial </ strong>

And then we enter the theme of today, "no makeup, makeup," the heart of makeup in the end how to paint it? Learn with Jessica!

Step1: First, apply a liquid foundation cream orBB cream evenly on your face, and then pat it with a wet sponge egg.

Step2: With peach blush softly hit the apple muscle, like a good color from the skin.

Step3: Use earth color eye shadow, and then draw the eye liner according to the outline of the eye, you can play the natural enlargement of the eye effect.

Step4: In order to make the eyelash curler play the role of the greatest curl, with a hair dryer hot air blowing against the eyelash curler for a while, until the curling heat after use, double the effect!

Step5: Use zigzag brush on the natural slender mascara, and then use your fingers stained lipstick in the lip, creating a natural rosy feeling.

Step6: Finally spray a layer of makeup spray, makeup makeup is done!